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 This is something that I strongly believe you should to take a few minutes to look at.

This is an independent international shopping community extending across economic sectors. It provides an unbeatable benefit for all members: money back with every purchase with their loyalty merchants! The company started in Europe in 2003 and now has over 150,000 points of acceptance and is just now expanding to North America and is looking for leaders to establish the foundation necessary for expansion. Don’t hesitate; there are less than 11,000 members in the USA and Canada right now, and there is sure to be millions. Get ahead of those shoppers and earn on their purchases!
You get money credited back to your account on all outlays you make at their loyalty merchants. Those outlays could be for bread at a neighborhood grocery or fuel, construction or living costs or maybe personal recreation activities or a vacation.
Enough of the sales pitch but I am serious that you should take a look at this.
When I share this with people they are almost in disbelief that a company as incredible as this is here in the USA and there are only about 8,000 of us here so far that know about it. We have our hands on something that people REALLY want to be a part of. I got involved at the highest level. I can provide you with more information including an overview video. I’ve tried to provide just the highlights but the program allows for 10- ways to make money so don’t let the amount of information overwhelm you. I’m sure you know that I will walk you through the details once you determine if you have interest.
NOW FREE MEMBERSHIP! The Trial Membership entitles an individual to join for thirty (30) days at no charge.
Regular Membership
There are two (2) ways to turn a Trial Membership into a regular Membership:
The Trial Member makes a purchase within thirty (30) days; or
A Trial Member referred by you makes a purchase within thirty (30) days.
Just let me know and I will be happy to share more information with you. I truly believe that this is an opportunity that people will look back at and say…Why didn’t I just take a look?
Contact me at for more info…KEN 334-703-8124
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