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Category: FAMILY

2014 December 25, Thursday, Sanaathana Bhaarath Desh
Jaya year, Hemant season, Pushya month, Suddha Chathurtthi, Day 4 . SravaNa star .

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Me at Indian YMCA - I am based at Warren Street Tube Station and by tube going about London from Warren Street by tube to : 54 - 56 Great Portland St Post Office to post letters ; Midland Bank 138 Tottenham Court Rd W1T 7LZ to deposit Sri Karri Satthireddy gaari loan cum gift money ; General Medical Council 350 Euston Rd NW13 JN to obtain Full Registration of my Medical Credentials ; India House Office Of Indian High Commission Aldwych WC2B 4NA to register my residence in England and also for my lunch @ two shillings ; Royal College Of Surgeons 35 - 43 Lincoln's Inn Fields WC2A 3PE to register for my FRCS exams Primary as well Finals cum studies ; H K ( Henry King ) Lewis ( 1844 ) Lending Library 136 Gower St to borrow Medical Books for my FRCS Exams ; and also sojourns to Paddington Rly Station , Charing Cross Rly Station , Euston Rly Station , Waterloo Rly Station , Blackheath , Lewisham , Woolwich , Greenwich , Wimbledon and friends that is how I went about London at various times and understood how easy it is to get about London with A_Z book , Tube map and wonderful directions and road signs posted all over London which made my life so easy without asking for directions and be myself independent beaming with self confidence and overcoming all obstacles one at a time . With this pre amble I will take you along with me to individual locales on errands . Thanks for being with me all the way from The Beginning !
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I am a friend for one and all with no end

I am a Friend of Democrats a democratic friend

I am a forever friend and even a best friend

Not an opportunistic friend as some intend

My simple philosophy about a forever friend

A friendship ' of friends , for friends , by friends'

Youth mocking a senior friend I don't mind

As I am sure as time goes by the junior will mend

To attend that I BalaKrishna Sarma will be around .

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Category: FAMILY

An Ode To My Youngest Brother MARUTHI , 56 Years .
A Farewell my Dear Brother MARUTHI
Parting of ways my Dear Young Brother MARUTHI
A Point of no return , to farthest place gone
A place kept apartt in Heaven for ever and anon
A day that left a void , a page blank  in my  family book
A day , a sad day , a cruel day the past Sunday
That day 2012 year May month twenty seventh day
My Brother MARUTHI is no more on that Sunday
MARUTHI named after Sanjivini Pradaatha
Divine Eternal Chiranjeevi Hari Markata Maruthi
My Younger Brother Human MARUTHI
HIS Soul Lives For Ever With Hari Markata Maruthi
That Divine Maruthi is Chiranjeevi
This my Brother Human MARUTHI is vigatha jeevi
This MARUTHI left His Causal Body
His Soul Is Now A Spiritual Body
His Spiritual Soul Starts His Eternal Journey
On His way To Eternal Heavenly Abode
On Twelfth Day Of His Sad Demise
Thursday , 2012 year June month seventh day
May His Soul Rest In Peace
Aathma Saanthi , Daivika Saanthi , Bhothika Saanthi .
Peace to Spiritual Soul , Divine Soul , Causal Soul .
dr.bala krishna murthy ramaraju

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Category: FAMILY

For Youth A Celebration
For some Fascination
For elders just an occasion
For others to seek admiration
For seniors an Affection
For me  AValentine
Just A Clementine
A day for youth
Remember your worth
In all very good faith
For all young and old
Realize your dreams
Whatever they are
Wherever you are
Whenever you wish
By doing noble things
Thinking noble thoughts
Hearing noble sayings
Speaking noble words
In the best way that gives you all
And others  as well
Hope , Peace , and Tranquility
Such is the ardent wish of  RBKMurthy

aathreya- dr.bala krishna murthy ramaraju

athreya aarbeekay

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Category: FAMILY

I hope and trust
a promise to be kept
for tomorrow told to wait
so i wait counting hours and every minute
tomorrow dawns and the time has crept
tomorrow fades away into yesterday
it has never been today
another day dawns
i realize in vain i did wait
unfulfilled promise and failed trust.

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Category: FAMILY

 ‘ RAAMARAJU ‘ Family Tree – Telugu Aaru Vela Niyogi Braahmin
      Aathreyasa Gothram – Aapasthambha Soothram – Krishna Yajur Veda Saakha
                 Aathreyasa , Archanaanasa , Syaavaasya - Thrayaa Rusheyam
1.        Sri Sivayya gaaru + Srimathi Gowramma gaaru
2.        Sri Naarayya gaaru + Srimathi Lacchamma gaaru
3.        Sri Brahmayya gaaru + Srimathi Vaagamma gaaru
4.        a.Sri Manayya gaaru – b.Sri Kardamayya gaaru – c.Sri Athrayya gaaru
5.        Sri Manayya gaaru + Srimathi Sathamma gaaru( Progeny of No.1)
5a.      i.Sri Priya Vratha; ii.Sri Utthaana paada; iii.SM.Aakoothi;
6.        Srimathi Devamma(d/o No5) + Sri Kardamayya gaaru(No4b, son of No3)
6a.      Nine daughters: KaLa; ANASOOYAMMA; Sraddha; Khyaathi;
Preethi; Kshema; Sannathi; Arundhathi; Sruthi;
           and One son Kapila Mahaa Muni.
7.        Srimathi Anasooyamma gaaru (d/o No6) + Sri Athrayya
gaaru(No4c , s/o No3)
7a.      i.DoorvaasaSivayya; ii.Datthaathreya; iii.Chandra.
8.        Sri DoorvaasaSivayya gaaru (s/oNo7) + SM. KandaLiamma
gaaru(Bhrigu family)
9.        Sri Guravayya gaaru + Srimathi Kaameswaramma gaaru(Angirasa family)
10.       Sri Venkata Subbayya 1 gaaru + SM. Raajya lakshmamma gaaru
(Athri family)
11.       Sri Raamayya gaaru + Srimathi Punnamma  gaaru (Bhrigu family)
12.       Sri Venkata Subbayya 2 gaaru + Srimathi Acchamma gaaru
(Angirasa family)
13.       Sri Raama Krishnayya gaaru + Srimathi Narasamma gaaru (Bhrigu family )
14.       Sri Raama Daasayya gaaru + Srimathi Sesamma gaaru (Angirasa family)
14a.     i.SM.Punnamma gaaru; ii. SRI AANJANEYA SARMA gaaru; iii.Sri
Bhujangayya gaaru
15.        Sri AANJANEYA SARMA gaaru + SM SESHAMMA gaaru(Kasyapa family)
16.        Ramaraju Bala Krishna Murthy + Vijaya Lakshmi
Kaameswari(Achanta family)

aathreya-dr.bala krishna murthy ramaraju

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I lost a Brother Elder to me
Mom had pre-eclamptic toxemia
Then I had a Sister two years Elder to me
She is the Matriarch of family of mine
Next in the chronological order it is me
A nice evening in Bhaarath on a Saturday
A pleasant and cool Autumn Day
PuraaNic Sarad Rithu Clear Night Sky
Vedic calendar Kaartheek fourth Day
Auspicious Naaga Chathurtthi Day
In my birth village no electricity
An oil lamp glowing feebly
No hospital to cater to maternity
My Mom and me are lucky
To have  Meerabee midwifery
Bless her I think of her to this day
Thanks Mom , here I am A Home Delivery
As I fill my lungs with my first breath
Followed it up with a lusty cry
I am surprised Mom is happy while I cry
Dad hovering anxiously nearby
As I face a strange world on my first day
All my previous births forgotten in vague memory
Time and tide passed swiftly
Wonderful to witness seventy six years roll by
Looking at my past I was  happy
Present is filled with joy
Future 'hakuna matata' no worry
In my stride I accept , as it dawns each day
Okay to let go past , dead yesterday
Why worry about tomorrow yet unborn , a mystery
Presently as nice as possible to everybody
Thanks to mom and dad , siblings and family
Nice to have known friends and well wishers
It is me Anasooyadevi-Aathreya genealogy
Sesha - Aanjaneya family
Taking a bow Ramaraju Balakrishnamurthy

aathreya-dr.bala krishna murthy ramaraju

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Category: Motivation

It is said that men don't cry , but I do not agree with what one may say
I cry to shed tears of joy , and then wait a while for the tears to dry
I cried in the past for many reasons , and in seasons to come I might
the same way
I cried for the first time when I was born for a breath of air in pulmonary way
I do cry when I am very happy , and also when I am hurt in any particular way
I cried when I failed my examinations , and also when the success came
along my way
I did not want to go to school on the first day and cried all along the way
A good cry with a flood of tears will wash away both eyes clean and dry
A nice way for the eyes as proved by Alexander Fleming's discovery
Crying is the best way to release stress and tension and be happy and healthy
And my friends this is my final take on a good cry
I will cry for any one in distress and my shoulder is for you any day
Finally I do not worry , when I die who for me will cry
As I will not be there to witness , that is why ,
But I am sure some one will miss me and will have a tear to spare on that day .
Mean while let no one need cry , let no one worry , and let us all be happy .

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Category: Motivation
Today's youth , tomorrow's worth in gold your weight
Unite as one, stand by right , and show your team spirit
Stick to truth , trust your faith , adhere to the righteous tenet
Never change your belief you are born into at any cost
Without dignity , honesty , any amount of money is not worth it
You as a group amass and aggregate your talent
Pool your ancestral knowledge and share your collective intellect
Hold onto your moral strength , keep to the path straight and right
Be positive , do not worry about obstacles , you are great
Be role models and shine like stars on a moonless clear night
You are the hope for the future like A Sun in the day light
I Balakrishna Anasooya Devi Athrison Aathreya Wish You All The Best .
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Category: Motivation

Dr.Balakrishna Murthy Ramaraju
I am Krishna , Bala M.Krishna
Aathreya Anasooya Athrison
To a teen or an young person
At home or away for a reason
A friendly good word of caution
With all my best wishes I mean
This all will accept , I am certain
Succumb not to emotion
Verify before you trust someone
Be wary of ' I Love You ' words spoken
To say those three words of heaven
Only three seconds time is taken
But if those sweet words are mistaken
And they are meant only as a token
The hurt will last for a long duration
Make sure the trust once given
Will last for 'death do us part ' life time affection.
aarbeekayem ( Bala Krishna Murthy )

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As long as I can keep my emotions and my mind in my control , then no pain , no disappointments .( A Telugu Saying " do not expect anything from any one , then you will not be disappointed and be spared from pain "
When I control my thoughts , my words become meaningful , my deeds are responsible , and the results that follow have beneficial effects all round .
I am trying to be a master of my mind and try to look at things with tranquility , I hope one day I will succeed .
I am trying to be the master of my own feelings , thoughts , aspirations , ambitions , and look at all things with equanimity , and accept things as they come on my way and be happy .

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Category: Dating
MY DATES : In my 76 years of sojourn , I had many dates - birthdates , entrance dates , examination dates , auspicious dates etc . My first date was 10 Nov 1934 and I had no idea , but I was told that I spent that Date crying . The first Date I remember was in July 1939 as a 5 yr old when my father sent me to school on an auspicious Date and I was very apprehensive on that Date . In 1948 as a 14 year old I was adopted by my maternal grandparents and that was my Adoption Date .
Come October 1949 I had a successful Date - passed my SSLC . 18 August 1952 I had vey Happy Date , went Dating To Madras ( now Chennai ) and was accepted into Medical College as a 18 year young Medico . 21 April 1956 my Father ( Bless His Soul ) arranged my Marriage Date , and it was An Arranged Date - no regrets .
April 1962 was My Surgery Date as I became A qualified Master In Surgery .
October 1968 I had a very good Date In Uk and that was My FRCS Date .
On 18 July 1983 was the Happiest Date I Had as I became A Professor Of Surgery in The Same Medical College , where I started my medical education . The Next Important Date is My Farewell Date on 30 Novemebr 1992 when I retired as Head Of Dept Of Surgery , the Same Year I had A Date With US and Became an Immigrant . Now I am Waiting For My Date With Destiny , with a little trepidation and I have no Choice . I am not worried about , if any , Judgement Date as The Supreme Truth Knows All About me . It might be A Full Liberation Date or A Recycling Date . A Date Is A Fate predestined neither early nor late , grin and bear it .
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Category: Motivation
LOVE : I never fell for the idea of ' falling in love ' for fear of failing to get up again after the fall , and also that there was no possibility of any one rescuing me from that precipitous fall . My Father would have never allowed me to fall and get hurt and he was very protective of me , God Bless His Soul .
But do not go away with an adea that i do not know anything about Love . I loved my Parents , My Family , My Country , My Mother Tongue , My Faith ; I loved all places where I traveled and stayed . I loved my Alma Mater . Now I Love all my Friends , My Well Wishers , All Of You my Role Models . I love Life , Peace and Tranqulity . I love Nature . Finally I Love Myself purely for reasons of survival - health , happiness , and my basic needs , and I love to see that all people are also happy and healthy .
Hate being the other aspect of Love , ( Love & hate are two sides of the same coin ) , I hate hypocricy , ignorance , arrogance , indulgence , intolerance , violence , fanatism , terrorism , war , death & destruction ,
and political corruption .
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Time passeson non stop in it´s flight ,
Day after day , and Night after night ,
Dawnto dusk , each morn from dim to bright ,
Sun rises in the east , again sets in the west ,
Rains have gone , present winter is slipping past ,
Sunis on His way to north showing His might ,
One more new year has dawned in it´s own right ,
Kindling new hopes in everyone´s breast ,
Burying painful memories of the past ,
Savoring pleasant past moments just ,
Me Aathreya Bala Krishna has to wait ,
For Spring with passion in his heart .
aathreya- sesha anjaneya
dr.bala krishna murthy ramaraju

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Category: Motivation


For Youth A Celebration
For some Fascination
For elders just an occasion
For others to seek admiration
For seniors an Affection

For me AValentine
Give me A Clementine

A day for youth
Remember your worth
Keep your parents’ faith

For all young and old
Realize your dreams
Whatever they are
Wherever you are
Whenever you wish
By doing noble things
Thinking noble thoughts
Hearing noble sayings
Speaking noble words
In the best way that gives you all
And others as well
Hope , Peace , and Tranquility