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Category: FAMILY

2014 December 25, Thursday, Sanaathana Bhaarath Desh
Jaya year, Hemant season, Pushya month, Suddha Chathurtthi, Day 4 . SravaNa star .

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Category: FAMILY

An Ode To My Youngest Brother MARUTHI , 56 Years .
A Farewell my Dear Brother MARUTHI
Parting of ways my Dear Young Brother MARUTHI
A Point of no return , to farthest place gone
A place kept apartt in Heaven for ever and anon
A day that left a void , a page blank  in my  family book
A day , a sad day , a cruel day the past Sunday
That day 2012 year May month twenty seventh day
My Brother MARUTHI is no more on that Sunday
MARUTHI named after Sanjivini Pradaatha
Divine Eternal Chiranjeevi Hari Markata Maruthi
My Younger Brother Human MARUTHI
HIS Soul Lives For Ever With Hari Markata Maruthi
That Divine Maruthi is Chiranjeevi
This my Brother Human MARUTHI is vigatha jeevi
This MARUTHI left His Causal Body
His Soul Is Now A Spiritual Body
His Spiritual Soul Starts His Eternal Journey
On His way To Eternal Heavenly Abode
On Twelfth Day Of His Sad Demise
Thursday , 2012 year June month seventh day
May His Soul Rest In Peace
Aathma Saanthi , Daivika Saanthi , Bhothika Saanthi .
Peace to Spiritual Soul , Divine Soul , Causal Soul .
dr.bala krishna murthy ramaraju

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Category: FAMILY

For Youth A Celebration
For some Fascination
For elders just an occasion
For others to seek admiration
For seniors an Affection
For me  AValentine
Just A Clementine
A day for youth
Remember your worth
In all very good faith
For all young and old
Realize your dreams
Whatever they are
Wherever you are
Whenever you wish
By doing noble things
Thinking noble thoughts
Hearing noble sayings
Speaking noble words
In the best way that gives you all
And others  as well
Hope , Peace , and Tranquility
Such is the ardent wish of  RBKMurthy

aathreya- dr.bala krishna murthy ramaraju

athreya aarbeekay

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Category: FAMILY

I hope and trust
a promise to be kept
for tomorrow told to wait
so i wait counting hours and every minute
tomorrow dawns and the time has crept
tomorrow fades away into yesterday
it has never been today
another day dawns
i realize in vain i did wait
unfulfilled promise and failed trust.

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Category: FAMILY

 ‘ RAAMARAJU ‘ Family Tree – Telugu Aaru Vela Niyogi Braahmin
      Aathreyasa Gothram – Aapasthambha Soothram – Krishna Yajur Veda Saakha
                 Aathreyasa , Archanaanasa , Syaavaasya - Thrayaa Rusheyam
1.        Sri Sivayya gaaru + Srimathi Gowramma gaaru
2.        Sri Naarayya gaaru + Srimathi Lacchamma gaaru
3.        Sri Brahmayya gaaru + Srimathi Vaagamma gaaru
4.        a.Sri Manayya gaaru – b.Sri Kardamayya gaaru – c.Sri Athrayya gaaru
5.        Sri Manayya gaaru + Srimathi Sathamma gaaru( Progeny of No.1)
5a.      i.Sri Priya Vratha; ii.Sri Utthaana paada; iii.SM.Aakoothi;
6.        Srimathi Devamma(d/o No5) + Sri Kardamayya gaaru(No4b, son of No3)
6a.      Nine daughters: KaLa; ANASOOYAMMA; Sraddha; Khyaathi;
Preethi; Kshema; Sannathi; Arundhathi; Sruthi;
           and One son Kapila Mahaa Muni.
7.        Srimathi Anasooyamma gaaru (d/o No6) + Sri Athrayya
gaaru(No4c , s/o No3)
7a.      i.DoorvaasaSivayya; ii.Datthaathreya; iii.Chandra.
8.        Sri DoorvaasaSivayya gaaru (s/oNo7) + SM. KandaLiamma
gaaru(Bhrigu family)
9.        Sri Guravayya gaaru + Srimathi Kaameswaramma gaaru(Angirasa family)
10.       Sri Venkata Subbayya 1 gaaru + SM. Raajya lakshmamma gaaru
(Athri family)
11.       Sri Raamayya gaaru + Srimathi Punnamma  gaaru (Bhrigu family)
12.       Sri Venkata Subbayya 2 gaaru + Srimathi Acchamma gaaru
(Angirasa family)
13.       Sri Raama Krishnayya gaaru + Srimathi Narasamma gaaru (Bhrigu family )
14.       Sri Raama Daasayya gaaru + Srimathi Sesamma gaaru (Angirasa family)
14a.     i.SM.Punnamma gaaru; ii. SRI AANJANEYA SARMA gaaru; iii.Sri
Bhujangayya gaaru
15.        Sri AANJANEYA SARMA gaaru + SM SESHAMMA gaaru(Kasyapa family)
16.        Ramaraju Bala Krishna Murthy + Vijaya Lakshmi
Kaameswari(Achanta family)

aathreya-dr.bala krishna murthy ramaraju