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Advertisers have used these tactics for years. The less educated their target market, the louder or flashier the ads.

Take a look at car dealer commercials and you will see my point. Let's compare two hypothetical manufacturers.

Company A sells small inexpensive cars. Their main goal is to move mass volume. Their target market is people in lower income brackets. Commercials consist of flashing graphics, an announcer shouting and a lot of hype about low prices.

Company B sells higher end luxury cars. Their main goal is attracting the type of customer who can afford their cars. These are the higher income customers. Commercials usually consist of a soft spoken announcer with exceptional grammar and imagery of the car, usually in a serene environment such as driving along a country road.

See the difference?

Marketing people know the facts. People who buy high end cars are typically more educated than those who buy economy cars. They play to the perceived intellect of their target audience. The louder the announcer and flashier the graphics, the dumber they think you are.

Next time you are looking at the multitude of business opportunities being promoted on the internet, keep this example in mind. The more bold the graphics, and more outrageous the claims, the more likely it is to be something designed to lure in the inexperienced. If you see big flashing banners, piles of cash, exotic cars or scantily clad women, those are likely a distraction. They do not want you looking too closely at the program.

In short, the more hype, the lower the chances of being a viable program. Use caution and read the fine print.

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