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Smash SolutionsSmash Solutions


I've been marketing on the Internet for several years and have always found it annoying with logging in and out of sites just to get my work done. Several years ago I decided to start using a Password Manager since I had so much information to remember ... if you know what I mean.


All of us are familiar with social media marketing; otherwise, we wouldn't be on this site. Let's not forget about all the blogs located here and there and connecting the accounts so they blast certain information to other accounts. 


Lots of work .... so little time. Gee!


Well, just a few weeks ago I was introduced to a site named Smash Solutions that is combining all the necessary tools that are used online for managing your business and they will all be located on one site. Best of all it's F*R*E*E


What really got my attention at the my first webinar before joining were:


The feature rich components located in the back office and they're all located in modules so you can use what you need and leave the rest alone. 


The "Add your Contacts" feature which crawls the Internet to locate all the information it can find for each contact's email address, including their social media locations, Skype information along with business and personal information if it has been made available to the public. It takes all that information and puts it in your own personal database stored in the cloud!


The Social Media Network that YOU create allowing you to add 70+ accounts so you never have to sign into sites like this one again. You can actually do everything from Smash Solutions as though you were signed in here. 


The Personal Virtual Assistant(s) that will handle some of the work for you. It's just like having a real assistant working for you! You'll have to see them in action.


The Project Management system which is a complete system for managing your individual projects, your team AND clients! Then there's the Advertising Manager, Campaign Manager, Events Manager and more!


After visiting the webinar I signed up and created a blog just to share all the information. Then I found out that they have free training so you can learn more about marketing on the Internet at Success University poweed by Smash Solutions! They have six classes (webinars) and two very special classes called Dream Designer that you will absolutely love. 


Interested in learning more about Smash Solutions? You can visit my blog and read all about each feature, watch some videos about Smash Solutions, get the information to join us at our Wednesday webinars or fill out the form so I can send you information on how to get started. Just select the links in the top menu or in the sliding menu on your right. 

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