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Firstly, if you don't have a Gmail account yet, you can create one for free by clicking here. Gmail works better than other e-mail services when it's about using it for making money online.

It is very simple and VERY IMPORTANT to use a single
Gmail account for 100s of  "safelists" and still be able to use that same Gmail account for regular e-mails. In order to do it, you just have to set up "filters" for all those 1000s of e-mails sent by various safelists which will place them automatically in separate folders, one folder for each safelist. By setting up "filters", you avoid mixing your regular "Inbox" e-mails with the 1000s of e-mail ads that you receive from safelists, list builders, text ad exchanges, etc.

To set up a "filter", you have to take the following steps: while being in your Gmail account, open the e-mail from the sender you want to create a "filter" for. After opening it, you will see an upper menu with various e-mail managing options such as: "Back to Inbox", "Archive", "Report spam", "Delete", etc. Click "More" on that menu then, on the drop down menu, click "Filter messages like these" which will open a small window. On that window, click "Create filter with this search" then, on the new window that appears, check the options "Skip the Inbox", "Apply the label" and "Never send it to Spam". On the same window, you will also have to click the "Choose label" tab then, on the drop down menu, click "New label" and write in the "label name" space the name of the program that you will receive e-mails from, such as, for example, "
List Domino" then click "Create". Finally click "Create filter" and you're done.
The separate folders will be placed one under another in alphabetical order, in a column on the left side of your Inbox. You can even mark each folder with a different colour such as "red" for the safelists where you are a "pro" member, "green" for those where you are "free" member, "blue" for those where you can earn cash for clicking ads, etc.

NOTE:  Sometimes the SENDER changes his e-mail address so that his e-mails changes their arriving place too, i.e. they come again into your "Inbox" instead of their originally created folder. In such case, just repeat the steps above, putting the new e-mail address of the SENDER in the "From" field and choosing the formerly created "label" from the drop down menu when you are asked to "Apply the label" (do not choose a new label!). Sometimes the SENDER's name and / or e-mail address changes all the time so that it is impossible to "filter" the messages based on a "From" criterion. In such case you will choose the field "Has the words" instead of "From" as a filter criterion and will enter a specific text of the e-mail content in the "Has the words" field (such as, in the case of safelist messages, some part of the credit link which contains the safelists' domain name and a common extention, such as "")

From time to time, you will have to delete the old safelist e-mails from each separate folder to avoid that your Gmail account fills up completely. This is easy done as you have the option to check all messages from a given folder then delete them all with just 2 clicks!

Got questions or comments? Please post them on the comments section below. Also if you'd like to contact me privately, please click here to open a free account with the MLMsocial website then send me a message through its internal messaging system.



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