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Autoresponders are very important tools for internet marketing.  Most of the successful internet marketers use autoresponders to build one or more lists of "prospects" (or "leads") and you should do the same no matter what kind of online business you're involved with. Without doing it your chances to make real money online decrease significantly. Setting up an autoresponder is very easy if you only give yourself an hour to look into it. It will be one of the most profitable times you will ever spend.

The autoresponder that I currently use is the one provided by
12 Second Commute which is a full internet marketing tool kit (autoresponder, capture page creator, ad tracker, URL rotator, contact manager, conference center, video training, perpetual autopilot advertising for up to 2 links of your choice included with the top upgrades, etc....). There are also cheaper options such as the autoresponder by Iso Register at only $7 monthly with 50% recurring commissions on personal referrals for paying members and 10% commissions for free members. The Iso Register autoresponder has roughly the same features and performance as the 12 Second Commute autoresponder (they have the same owner). Or if you look for a free autoresponder you could try List Wire which, although free, seems to work pretty well with "autoresponder unfriendly" e-mail services like Yahoo.

If you're currently using another autoresponder or just know one or more autoresponder services other than what I've mentioned above on this page and would like to post a link to that autoresponder (may be your affiliate link) accompanied or not by a short description, you may do so on the comments section below. Multiple listings for the same autoresponder will be allowed only if accompanied by informative comments. If you want to contact me privately, please click here to open an MLMsocial free account then send me a message through its internal messaging system.
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