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Here are 2 things to do that I consider very important for the success of your online business:

1. (the most important) Make and use your own promo pages and e-mail capture pages to promote ANY online business and build one or multiple subscribers' e-mail lists while promoting ANY business(es)

STOP once and for all doing what 90% of internet money seekers in our "niche" WRONGLY do, which is promoting "generic", "default", "ready-made" affiliate ("referral") pages provided by various programs owners. When you do so, you actually promote someone else's business WITHOUT BUILDING A BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF TOO which I think is not what you really want. Now, the very interesting "news" is that not only "gurus" or webmasters or "techie" guys can make and use e-mail capture pages to build e-mail lists while promoting their businesses but,
with the help of the current technology, ANYONE, you included, can do it without any special skill, in literally minutes, absolutely FREE and I'll show you right now how to do it if you just keep reading. To build a subscribers' e-mailing list, you have to make and use an e-mail capture page connected to an "autoresponder" to invite people who visit your promo page to subscribe to your e-mailing list by which you will be able to keep the contact with them on the long term. One of the BIGGEST "SECRETS" for succeeding online is that you should NEVER promote your "default" (or "plain"...) referral websites (containing your actual referral links) in the form they are provided by the program's owner. Instead you should promote ANY online business by using e-mail capture promo pages made by yourself on which you should write in short only the most "attractive" aspects of your offer, without all the details and, of course, without showing any of your "plain" referral links, then invite your visitors to enter their e-mail addresses into an e-mail form placed on your promo page in order to get full information about your offer. Once your page visitors enter their e-mail addresses on your e-mail form in order to get full information on your business, their e-mail addresses will be automatically added to your e-mailing list which is hosted by your autoresponder then your autoresponder will automatically send them the details of your business along with your actual affiliate (referral) website(s) containing your actual referral link(s). Promoting any business without building a list of your future virtual business partners' e-mail addresses at the same time decreases very much your chances to succeed. In fact, if you don't have a list of your own prospects' e-mail addresses to which you can send "mass" e-mails whenever you need to, you may very well not have an online business at all. Having your prospects' e-mail addresses deposited in your autoresponder allows you to contact them repeatedly to "remind" them and keep them up to date about your business and also help them build their (and your...) downlines in various multiple level programs so that both you and them finally earn more. You and your prospects must be in a "win-win" type of relationship otherwise they will either disregard your messages or even unsubscribe from your list. (NOTE: no matter how good you will do, there will always be people who will unsubscribe from your list, however it does not matter as long as you keep recruiting new subscribers to your list and also keep offering them useful information so that by doing so you will keep a positive subscribe/unsubscribe balance of your e-mail list and be able to grow it continously). To learn even more reasons on why you should use your own "home made" promo pages and e-mail capture pages to promote any business and learn how to do it quickly, free and without any "technical" knowledge so that you be able to finally start building your own e-mail subscribers' list right away, click here.

2. Focus on promoting advertising programs mainly (or exclusively), at least for the beginning

Promote advertising (aka "traffic generating...") programs mainly (or exclusively), at least for the beginning, in order to build free residual traffic which is so much needed in as large amounts as possible if you want to be successful with promoting any other business at a later time. Another good reason to start by promoting traffic generating programs is that they are the most in demand "products" among the internet income seekers (who are, in fact, your "target market") so that, when you promote such programs (especially those having free options), you have the best chances to get signups and sales (yes, you can earn not only free advertising but also free cash commissions when you promote traffic generating programs). Look especially for the programs that have "leverage" potential such as programs that reward you on multiple referral levels and/or offer lifetime rewards on referral actions and purchases. Follow me and, little by little, I will test various advertising programs and let you know about the results I get from the best of them and also where to promote them in order to generate free residual traffic and/or cash commissions out of them.

Also do not forget that you can earn extra free ads and free cash guaranteed and "hands free" while promoting any web page!  By changing the way you promote, you can earn FREE and GUARANTEED extra advertising and cash "on the side" and "hands free" while promoting (almost) ANY web page. You can do it by using various types of "no clicking" ad exchange programs. By using those programs you will earn free ad credits from both your own and your referral's "normal" internet usage and the good thing is that with many of them you can earn referrals passively, by just using them on a regular basis. There is no "real" technical skill required to start using those programs. Click here to learn how to do it.

Do you have questions or comments? Please post them on the comments section below. Also if you'd like to contact me privately, please click here to open an MLMsocial free account then send me a message through its internal messaging system.



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