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Program Benefits


With several opportunities to earn income quickly and 80% of the sales revenue paid out in distributor commissions, Diamond Evolution is a powerfully rewarding opportunity.


We offer one of the strongest compensation plans in the industry with multiple ways to earn weekly and monthly income - FAST! Never before have you had such an income opportunity!


Purchase your precious Sapphire gemstone for $325USD and receive FREE Membership into Diamond Evolution System and into the silver board of our direct selling program.


With your membership you will also receive your very own online business model, 24/7 Support, cutting edge marketing tools and the opportunity to achieve extreme wealth!

Simply introduce two new members and graduate from the silver board where you will move into the gold board and also receive your first payment of $300USD in CASH.

PLUS you receive FREE re-entry into the silver board allowing you unlimited earning potential.


Once you have arrived in the gold board your qualifiers will then assist you in graduating this board and earning an easy $2,500USD! PLUS you receive free membership into the globally successful “Diamond Rewards” online program – with earning potential of over $15,600USD



Diamond Evolution is a fast paced, high income yielding online business opportunity that has seen thousands of people earn income they never thought possible and CHANGE THEIR LIFE!

Kawace Morgan

Cell: +1868350698