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Has Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace ever sent you a paycheck?   Of course they haven’t!
Well PeopleString does.  I would like to share it with you.
FACEBOOK took in 1 BILLION last year in advertising revenue. If they shared just 70% of that with their members, they'd be sharing 700 million dollars with their members...but they didn't. 
Don't Close This Until You See That It's FREE!  Make Money Doing What You Do Normally Every Day On The Internet.
PeopleString is a NEW social networking website, like Facebook or MySpace, where you can
--check your email
--chat with others
--google search
--instant message
--login to twitter
--login to facebook
--surf the net
--visit your favorite sites
--play games
--go shopping
--check your mail at the end of your sidewalk (big $ here)
Other websites make millions of dollars from your visits and activity, and you get nothing . . .BUT PeopleString shares 70% of its advertising revenue with its members (even the free members)!  PeopleString is growing at a faster rate than Facebook, Twitter and others in the Alexa rankings and is now a publicly traded company. Expect that revenue to go through the roof!  This is SO easy (THE EASIEST thing I've EVER done on the internet) and soon PeopleString will be a Household Name.
If you have a primary business, join for free so you can promote your business to the HUGE PeopleString Social Network. We expect 4 million people by the end of January 2011. Also, if you decide to upgrade to an Entrepreneur position, your pay scale would be twice that of a FREE member. Also, PeopleString will be the first social media company to be publicly traded this year. 

Sign up here:
Oh, did I mention It's Free? :)
Please Contact Me Directly With Any Questions

W. M. Lavergne

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