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Affiliate Program

AmarillasInternet has designed a SIMPLE AND PROFITABLE Affiliate Program distributing team commissions in two ways:

  • STANDARD Affiliate Program
  • PREMIUM Affiliate Program

STANDARD Affiliate Program

Free Registration!!

You can register for free and all of our business tools will be made available at no cost!!

On registration you will get:

  • A Customized Webpage like this one.
  • A private Virtual Office with real time statistics for you to handle your business.
  • Several support Tools with State-of-the-art Technology.

This way you can start your own organization and check the power of the program yourself. When you are ready, you will be able to activate your business center and start your business relation with AmarillasInternet.


When you are an Active Affiliate you receive commissions.

Your account is enabled with a minimum purchase of a Standard Package of USD 20, containing 5 digital codes valid for 5 Featured Ads in AmarillasInternet.

The resale value of each Code (ad) is USD 18 , with a total value of USD 90 providing 350% of cost-effectiveness.

You remain active with a minimum monthly purchase of a Standard Package of USD 20.

Fast-Start Bonus

If your status is active, you will instantly receive in your e-wallet:

  • USD 10 for the first buy made by each Affiliate recommended directly by you (1st level) and
  • USD 5 for the first buy made by each Affiliate recommended by your direct affiliates (2nd level).

All the affiliates you have directly recommended will register at your first level.

In our program there is no limit as to the number of affiliates you can refer at your first level, allowing you to open all the fronts you wish, thus increasing the possibility of major income.

Monthly Commissions

If your status is active, you will instantly receive in your e-wallet:

  • USD 1.25 beginning with the second buy made by each of the affiliates in your network up to...

If you are looking for an additional source of income to increase your capital within this technological explosion called Internet DO NO LOOK ANY FURTHER…


AmarillasInternet introduces an interesting concept: Should anybody in your network not make his monthly purchase, the system will go beyond your fifth level until it finds somebody who HAS made it and will compensate for that empty space, keeping your


PREMIUM Affiliate Program

For all the Active Affiliates who wish to increase their income exponentially, AmarillasInternet has created the Premium Affiliate program.

Access this plan by making a minimum annual purchase of a Premium Package of USD 125, for 4 Premium/Banner Ads. The resale value of each (ad) is USD 200 , with a total value of USD 800 providing 540% of cost-effectiveness.

Our system creates a new tree with the same structure of the one you already have. As the Standard Affiliates become Premium, they will find their place in this new organization. The structure of your organization grows every time a Standard affiliate decides to become Premium.

Early Bird registration in the Premium Program is vital. A good positioning can mean thousands of dollars in commissions to collect!!!

For each new Premium Affiliate, you will receive USD 10 up to 5 LEVELS OF DEPTH!!!

Remember that this plan is renewed annually. This will allow you to create an extraordinary residual income!!!

While you are an Active Standard Affiliate, in the Premium Program, your commissions will be immediately paid into your e-wallet.

The Power of TWO: A Simple Path to Success…

Ask these questions of yourself:

Can you acquire a monthly Standard Package of USD 20?

Can you affiliate TWO people who do the same thing as YOU every month ?

WELL… If you focus on this goal and perform these TWO simple actions during, let’s say, 8 months
- and your team does the same – you could be earning an extra monthly income for commissions...

...of over USD 4,000 !!!

Remember there is NO LIMIT to the number of affiliates you can invite in your first level,
you can increase this number according to the dedication devoted in forming your team.

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