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Benefits of Testing Various "From" Lines in Your Email Campaigns

From a marketing a perspective, a good email message is compromised of many components. It takes a catchy subject line to compel the recipient to open it, an intriguing introduction to get them to read it, and a strong call to action to convince them why they should take the next critical step in the process. These components are definitely vital, but one important element that often gets overlooked is the “from” line. In this article, we will explain the benefits of testing a variety of from lines in your email campaigns.

Instant Recognition

You can have a dynamite subject line, but if people do not recognize who is sending your message, most surely will not open it. And just who are you, by the way? Are you an individual or are you an organization? This makes a big difference in terms of recognition and consequently, getting your email opened. For example, if a subscriber receives a message from “Steve Dylan”, they may wonder just who the heck this sender is while forwarding it directly to the trash folder.

On the other hand, if the from line reads “The Green Garden”, which is who Steve works for in this example, they may instantly recognize the message as being from a company they do business with and decide to interact with it. By testing different versions of from lines, you can determine which approach works best for your subscribers.

Maintain Your Professionalism  

When it comes to length in the inbox, most email marketers are solely concerned about their subject lines or actual message. Of course these elements are important, but if you do not take the length of your from lines into consideration, you could be setting yourself up for failure. Just like subject lines, all mail clients have a cut off point for from lines and every program is different. By testing them in different clients, you can make sure your name shows up in full every time in every program instead of running the risk of coming off as unprofessional when your sender’s name is chopped off.

Reputation Intact

A user is likely to do one of two things when they notice the from line of your email: recognize you as a sender they want to hear from and open the message, or recognize you as a nuisance and delete it. While this important field often determines how far your message evolves in the inbox, it can also have an effect on your sending reputation. For example, if you are trying to reach a subscriber on Hotmail or Live, using your sending email address (e.g. will cause your message to be labeled as potentially dangerous and have the client ask the recipient if they want to open it. If they decline to open the message, then it automatically goes to the spam folder.

Although your personal or company name is best used in the from line, sometimes an email address is necessary for recognition purposes, so by testing, you can figure out which subscribers are best suited to receive email campaigns with names, and which are best suited for addresses before gambling with your entire list.

From lines may seem insignificant, but they can have a huge impact on your email marketing efforts. Give them the attention they deserve by regularly testing them as you would any other essential element.


About the Author:

Edith Li is a best practices advocate for a leading provider of email marketing software.

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