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How To Promote Your Flagship Content

10 Ways To Promote Your Flagship Content




promoting How To Promote Your Flagship Content





How To Promote Your Flagship Content


You need to get your content off the page into your readers head.


Your readers need to know it is there, they need to consume and enjoy every last scrap of it and then they need to go out into the streets and the web singing its praises.


 Otherwise, what was the point?




promoting3 How To Promote Your Flagship Content

Here are 10 ways you can promote your flagship content by Chris Garrett:


 1.  Call to action

  • It’s not enough to say “here it is”. 
  • You must sell the reader on the benefits. 
  • What your content is about and most of all why they should read it.
  • Then when they have read it why they should tell their friends , family, enemies, local news outlet and town crier.
  • Bottom line… needs to get the reader to do what you want now.


2.  Draw attention

  • No point in spending all this time and effort to create something so cool then being shy about showing it off.


3.  Get the word out

  • Real communication , sincerely telling people who might be interested what real demonstrable benefit your content might have to their readers and what is in it for them.


4.  Never miss an opportunity

  • You need to mention your blog and your Flagship Content everywhere.
  • Drop it into conversation.
  • Email and forum signatures are a good place to start placing links.


5.  Profile, Bio and Quotes

  • In forum and networking site profiles put in a paragraph that not only says “I have a blog” but sell your Flagship Content, give a compelling reason for why they should click through and why it is so good.
  • You will find not only do you get more traffic but you might just gain more forum friends and networking contacts by demonstrating your expertise so well.
  • If another blogger or the media asks for a quote see if you can drop your content into the conversation somewhere “as explained more fully in my blog post series …”, “you can read more about that …”.


6.  Social Bookmarking

  • The best results come from having a fantastic headline and excellent content.


7.  Share the link love

  • Link out and link often from your Flagship Content.
  • One of the ways people find out about resources is by the traffic coming to them from the resource.
  • When people get a link they are often more inclined to return the favor.


8.  Reviews

  • If another blogger is thinking of linking to you or mentioning your resource see if you can persuade them to do a review.
  • You might gain some critical insight into how your resource might be improved.


9.  Testimonials

  • Sometimes people need a little bit of peer pressure to believe in something.
  • Social proof of a resources validity and worth.
  • Testimonials are a way to encourage someone to try out your content and also build authority.


10.  Advertise

  • Once you have a call to action that works, know you are onto a winner, and hopefully seen some great results and a growing readership you might want to consider actually paying for advertising.



 The best content in the world does nobody any good sat on a hard drive not being looked at…..It’s not going to promote itself.




sharingiscaring1 How To Promote Your Flagship Content





When you have great Flagship Content you will get more word of mouth……As well as attracting attention, it gives people a reason to tell others why they should visit.





Remember…..Each time one person tells another your blog builds authority.



Sharing Is Caring!


To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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