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Are You Striving To Be The MLM Leader That Other Leaders Are On The Lookout For?
Will you be the MLM leader that other leaders are on the lookout for? I really hope that question causes you to stop and think for for several minutes. Creating an outstanding network marketing business involves a lot more than basically adding individuals to your downline. Everyday thousands of...
It's Easy to Be Successful in Network Marketing
And that's because there is so little competition.  When 500 distributors are invited to attend a three-hour company training workshop - why is it that only 50 will attend? Where are the other 450? They feel that investing time in training and working their MLM business interferes with...
How to Build a Huge Downline in Any Program
Everyone aspires to be successful in their chosen field especially those who are into sales and marketing. Definitely, you are not an exception, right? However, in spite of your desires and determination to succeed in marketing programs such as networking or multi-level marketing, if you do...
5 Questions of Leadership
Recently I was on Facebook trying to figure out what I was going to post to the world and I thought of five questions that I am asked often about leadership.This article gives a short answer to each of these important questions. Along with some of the response I got back from the world of...
Leadership Vs. Management
One of the often touted phrases in  the business world is that "you manage systems and lead people". I agree, most of us do not like to be managed or "handled", we prefer to decide for ourselves what we are "getting into". That is where leadership excels. A...
Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Methods of Recruitment
  Sir Ernest Shackleton has been called the “ the greatest leader that ever came on God’s earth… bar none”. From 1914-1916 Shackleton and his team survived the wreck of their ship, Endurance, in the crushing Antarctic ice, stranded twelve hundred miles from civilization with no...
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