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I am a semi retired business owner with past involvement as one of the first 13 Mazda auto dealers in the USA and served on the dealer advisory board.

Owned and managed an advertising agency for small businesses,

managed and promoted Ocean Shores ,the largest recreation land sale in the pacific northwest,
Owned mobile and modular home dealerships, Sold RVs,

Formed a long distance discount Telcom corp in Virginia.

Created and produced TV ads for Fox in Fairbanks Alaska,

was ordained and dedicated 4 years to full time music ministry at Freedom In Christ Church in North Pole Alaska while promoting state wide worship symposiums, ministered through music in many different denominational churches, men's camps, prison ministries, published a statewide christian news paper, promoted special events, and later a care house for unwed mothers as well as distributed food to the needy in San Diego Calif and Mexico.

Promoted and conducted hotel meetings and opportunity calls for MLM opportunity's.
I have been involved with network marketing for over 45 years.