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MLM Distributor
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I am an MLM Distributor
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North Carolina
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Virtual Financial Group
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Preservation of Wealth
Michigan State University
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Imagine this: Regardless of your previous level of experience, with our virtual agency model you are uniquely positioned to...

Be a part of a 5.4 Trillion Dollar Industry
Earn a great income by simply driving traffic to your replicated websites
With our proven e-system and formatted emails

We will answer their questions
We will sign them up under you
We will complete the sale for you and follow it through so that you get paid!

No Meetings for you to attend
No Appointments for you to go on
No Sales for you to make

With YOU as the Financial Inviter, our e-System does the rest...
Your Financial Manager will close reps and clients for you and...
Your Financial Adviser will complete the process, so that you get paid on average $700-1200*
For each referral, as we help you build your own Virtual Agency in Financial Services.

Just invite prospects to view the videos by email
Get a simple license (we'll help with that)
And develop a nationwide Financial Services Business from your home office
With an amazing support team and state of the art e-system running it all for you!!!!!

*Optionally, become a Manager and/or Financial Adviser and earn additional commission on you direct referrals.

How is this possible? Two nationally recognized leaders in the Financial Services industry have teamed up with a 10+ year-old independent marketing organization working with carriers who have been established for as long as 165 years(!), to develop a revolutionary program that does just this. We strongly believe this will revolutionize the financial services industry.

Think!... You can make great money (into the high six figures) playing any one, two... or all three of the following roles:

Financial Inviter - Drive traffic to our system delegating the sales and technical aspects to qualified professionals.

Financial Manager - Close client sales and agent recruits and step them through the system.

Financial Adviser - If you are (or become) highly technically versed, simply advise and write up incoming business that is funneled to you at your home office.

In all three cases, also earn commission spreads and generational overrides as our virtual agency grows.

This is in fact your opportunity to be at the foundation of a revolution in the financial services industry, and, should you choose... to build an expanding e-agency. One which is professional, compliant, streamlined... and IMMENSELY profitable!

We are currently open to taking on business partners on a full-time or part-time basis.
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Camping, Hiking, Traveling
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Zig Ziglar
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Friends, tell me if your policy can do this? 1) Never Lose Principal 2) Can Build Cash Values 3) Awards Cash Benefits When You Become Chronically or Terminally IIll 4)Still Provides a Death Benefit If not, Every Family Needs One, Inbox Me For Yours!
Favorite Quotations:
"Whether you think you can or you can't either way you are right." -Henry Ford
Favorite Music:
Eighties, World Music