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In conclusion , why SFI ?Here are some reasons that differ from other SFI business :1 . It is a successful single worldwide, which allows anyone in the world who has a computer and internet connection to build a residual income ( life and then inherited ) . There is something occurred yesterday or overnight , SFI successfully operating for 16 years with a solid track record . It is the "key" and free : information , action , advice , immediate support available 24 /7 . The Forum , for example , you can submit questions directly to the company's founder - Gery Carson. Here the answers to questions are quickly learn business secrets . No special knowledge of computer . There is ongoing work on the computer learning to " 0".2 . It is absolutely free, no risk , get personal website , you have nothing to lose. Other online businesses require enrollment fees , monthly etc and others . With SFI you can earn money without any investment even if you recommend ACE program (e -commerce associate ) and promote store products personally TripleClicks program Wave3 ( W3 ) and inviting tenders ( overseas people use this way to win the products with discount up to 90 %). No other online opportunity has the advantage .3. Has its own advertising co- op , who wants can use affiliates , buying stocks individually or in co- op team .4. Multiple ways to win : the Triple Clicks Executive Pool (of activities To-Do -List ) , the activities directly sponsored affiliates , to the co- sponsor ( SFI are received monthly from a no. 2-4 if you're EA ) TripleClicks members enrolled after promotion ads that buy products from activitivitatile attend auctions and ACE (10% of monthly turnover ) program promoting W3 . You can earn unlimited commissions on unlimited levels . Fees are paid in local currency from ATMs ( Payoneer card ) or Paypal .5. 2A program (affiliate to affiliate ) you can connect with any member or rather ensure connecting individuals with the same goal of financial success .6 . It can sell any product or service in the world - SFI has over 1 million affiliates Register on this site and get articles about business .Start part time and make money in your spare time. All you have to do is sign up at