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The greatest problem with newbie mlm business owner is setting up appointment. Most of them think that it’s all about telling their friends, family, and relatives

about their product, services and opportunity. No, it’s not just about telling that you sound like a sales person. You must first find the need, strength and goal of

your prospect.

In this blog post I’m going to share with you on how you can set appointment to your prospect.
Keep in mind that when making a call - “You are not a salesman, you are a business builder.”
a.) Always smile when making a call.
b.) Put the currency ($$$) sign out of you mind first because your primary goal during the initial contact is to build rapport to your prospect. Become genuinely interested on them not for the sake to make them sign-up on your opportunity because people will know if your intention is only to make money from them. Don’t sell them your products and opportunities yet.
c.) Find their strength, needs, and goal by asking their Family – Occupation – Recreation to get the Message (F.O.R.M). Ask their interest and what they want in life. Don not try to sell them but let them sell themselves to you.
d.) If the (needs) message came out, then it’s the time to set them an appointment.
Here’s what you’re going to say after the message of needs came out:
* (You tell them about your company – 30secs only) Do not say nutrition, network marketing, mlm, business meeting, health and wellness, power, grabe, baliw! These words are taboo and your prospect might not understand it very well. Be Professional and set a High Standard!
You: Our company, (state your company name) has proven track record on setting up someone on starting a small business. We’ve been featured in different newspapers and magazines (Say the magazine / newspaper / TV show that you company had been featured.
*Note: Do not say your BFAD / FDA registered because they will know that it is mlm. Just Create Curiosity! Curiosity Sells!
You: There’s a lot of work on our part on setting someone on starting a small business so that (say the needs of your prospects) and we are looking for serious people. How serious are you about building a business and making money from home? Tell me why?
You: Now the person we’re looking for has 3 main qualities: They are self motivated, dependable and a team player. Do you think you have these qualities?
Prospect: Yes.
You: Great! Can we meet (state the place, time and day)? or Can you go to my office (state the time and day)?
This is all for today, I hope you learn from this!
More success to you,
Edison Victorino
Skype: edisonvictorino
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Methods of prospecting in Network Marketing have definitely undergone in an overhaul in recent times. Thanks to the people like Mike Dillard and Ann Sieg who totally made a difference on this industry. The following are some of the methods that have passed out.

Phone Call to a Total Stranger

With the large number of effective methods today such as Attraction Marketing Method, Personal Branding, and other list generation technique, most people don’t do cold calls anymore. There’s no reason why someone should phone a total stranger, when it is very much possible to get targeted prospects. At the same time, network marketers themselves understand that they don’t like getting calls from telemarketers and sales peoples. People have developed a kind of total apathy to anything that is being peddled through the phone, even if the MLM company has a good reputation.  

Invitations to a Seminars, Symposiums, and Workshops

The same applies to invitations to a seminars, symposiums, and workshops. They don’t work nowadays. People are so busy and bombarded with too much things to do. So they don’t have the time to visit someplace just to check out what’s happening there. Unless you are targeting the right people, they will surely come. Nowadays, network marketers and entrepreneurs are going for three main things. These are classified advertising, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, and social media marketing.  

Classified Advertising

Direct response advertising, is the best form of advertising that there is. In such an advertising technique, a direct response is solicited on an ad impression. This could be an email or an SMS. When people reply to these modes, they open up a route of communication with the advertiser. This is what Mike Dillard used to say and love to do. It’s the advertising method that makes him from waiting table to 8-figure income earner. The general route adopted here is:

  • Ad impression
  • Direct response
  • Lead capture
  • Building the relationship
  • Market to that list
  • Following up or closing the sale.


Pay-Per-Click Advertising

This is one of the most popular prospecting methods that are used by network marketers. Its effect is considerable because you can directly reach your targeted clientele in this manner.  

Social Media Marketing

Blogs, social networking sites, and social bookmarking site are now become popular medium on getting free leads for business. This allows network marketers to share his content, ideas, and insights on the internet. People can now communicate and connect to people around the world through social networking sites. And with the help of blogging, it positions the entrepreneur has an expert in their chosen niche. If you want to learn how to utilize the internet and social media to generate more leads and more cash for your MLM business simply sign-up the form people and make yourself succeed in network marketing

More power and success to you,

Edison E. Victorino

Skype: edisonvictorino