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Why follow-up works in network marketing.
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Posted 12:20 PM Tue 30 November 2010

Many new distributors wonder which path to take.

1. Should they spend their time contacting new prospects?

2. Or, should they invest some time following up previously-contacted prospects?

Consider this. When you sell a product or service, the decision is quite easy for your prospect. Here is the deal:

"I give you $30 and you give me something."

That's it. No long-term commitments, relationships or entanglements.

However, when you sponsor prospects into your network marketing program, here is the deal:

"I give you $30 for a kit, then you want me to buy some products and services, then you want me to give up evenings and weekends for the rest of my life, and then you want me to commit to a long-term relationship with you, my sponsor - - etc."

It's hard to get this type of commitment from a one-time contact. You need follow-up to build a strong enough relationship for your prospect to make this decision. That's why follow-up is so important in network marketing.

Look at it this way. If you wanted to ask someone to marry you, what would your success rate be if you only asked strangers on your first contact?

Not very good.

However, if you have several contacts with your prospect, you will build a strong relationship. This will increase the odds of your "marriage proposal" being answered positively -- and increase your odds of successfully sponsoring prospects.

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Posted 5:54 PM Thu 20 January 2011
This issue with new distributors has been a problem in MLM for a long time. The trick is to build solid relationships before ever promoting a business. Actually, if you do it right, people will be asking YOU to join YOUR business instead of having to go prospecting. It's not that hard to do either. Does it take a little time? Yes, but the rewards are WELL WORTH IT!
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Posted 6:45 AM Fri 21 January 2011
Thats exactly what I'm saying in the article.
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Posted 5:26 PM Wed 23 February 2011
Jeffrey Gitomer discusses this strategy at length. Relationship building far surpasses any selling technique ever taught. The time committment is definitely longer however, you grow rich in wealth in all areas of your life. Not to mention, your integrity is intact, respected, and you get to live an authentic life using your personality to promote your business.