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why most people dont succed in mlm
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Posted 12:16 AM Wed 9 February 2011

people are not succeding in there mlm networkmarketing because ththey dont have a have a real duplicatable system to help you buildt there business? A simple way to find out is to simply ask 5 levels above you “What system are you using to build your business?” If you get the same answer from all 5, you must have a duplicatable system, if you get multiple answers you do not.

An easily duplicatable system is the glue that ties all 5 Pillars for your Success together. Calling everyone you know and have ever meet since grade school or any one that passes within three feet of you and telling them about your opportunity is not a system. Most people do not like to sell and most people do not want to be sold. It takes special skills that most people do not have to sell anything

The system needs to be simple yet effective in order to perpetuate. It must be not only easy to learn but also easy to teach so that it remains undiluted as your down line builds.

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Posted 1:46 PM Tue 15 February 2011
Hi Meredith, I think you're absolutely right about using a duplicatable system. I'm sure most people will agree with you. The biggest problem is, that most of these systems are very expensive, or are somehow attached to a money making system.

Do you have a system that isn't based on these principles?

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Posted 8:54 AM Tue 26 April 2011
Why people don't have success ?
They quit
That's the way people are
People don't stick anything out
they quit most things they start

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Posted 11:37 PM Sat 14 May 2011

There are many factors why people don't succeed in the industry.

1. They don't have the right marketing system

2. Lack of education to enhance a distributor's skills

3. Problem with mindset. They treat their business as a hobby not as a business.

4. They quit easily on their first 3 mos. Thinking that this business is a lottery which is not. You got to have the right mindset in order to succeed.

5. They are not really interested in doing the business. They just want to try it, then if doesn't work then they'll quit.

These are only five but there are lots of reason why people quit. But all I know is the greatest reason why people fail in the industry is themselves. That's their problem