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Discuss different ways of promoting/advertising your MLM business online with article marketing, press releases, newsletters, directory submissions, email marketing, forum marketing, social marketing (like MLMSocial, Twitter and Facebook), video marketing and more. Seek advice and tips from others in the community. What are the best ways to get your message out there? NO ADS!

Online Advertising
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Posted 2:52 PM Tue 29 December 2009

Get your website out there:
- Facebook & Myspace Profile
- Email Signature
- Free Online Classified ads (go to google or yahoo and search "free online classified"
- Message boards on websites
- groups in Facebook and Myspace

I would love to hear more tips for online advertising alt

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Posted 8:59 PM Sat 23 January 2010
Great tips Amanda, I have a few to add-

There are so many social network profiles that you can put your website on. I actually have about 10 accounts that I am active on with my websites visible.

I have also found that I can drive a lot of traffic to my site through my blogs- I have set up automation for my blog feed to post directly onto my social accounts such as facebook and twitter as well. I am a personal fan of TEs as well- it gets yourself out there and allows you to become more recognized. And as well, building a list of your own is a great way too! You build a list and you can push out your site over and over again.

Video marketing is great as well. I actually have a whole site that I've put together that is focusing on ways to get yourself and your business out there. Great stuff!
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Posted 9:01 AM Mon 25 January 2010
Thanks Sarah!

I have profiles on Hi5, LinkedIn, Direct,, baby bump & beyond, twittermoms, mombloggers, mylot, and a few more.

My tip for keeping up with those without having to check them everyday is just make sure to have email notifications on for when people send a friend request, accept friend request, send you a message, etc...

I recommend making a junk email for those so all those notifications go to the same junk email and not to your main one.

I have 4 blogs as well. I don't mention my business on them very often though. But they are a great way to meet new people.

What is TEs?

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Posted 3:32 PM Mon 25 January 2010

Traffic Exchanges :)

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Posted 3:33 PM Sun 7 February 2010
ahhhh I see! LOL *mommy brain*
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Posted 3:29 PM Thu 23 September 2010
Do not forget LinkedIn and Yahoo Answers!
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Posted 11:13 PM Tue 1 February 2011
Lets not forget the Classifieds and a Safelist or two. There's also Text Ad Exchanges and List Builders.

One should use at least one option of each recommendation in this forum discussion, and then it's eary to bed early to rise work like hell and ADVERTISE.
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Posted 8:47 AM Fri 4 February 2011
Also - Keep track of your numbers. Figure out WHAT WORKS and then you know where to put your time and effort.
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Posted 6:12 PM Sat 5 February 2011
All great advice, thanks guys...
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Posted 9:31 PM Sun 24 April 2011
Thanks so much, looks like I better get busy, lol.
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Posted 9:41 AM Tue 3 May 2011
There are also plenty of Forums, Google and Yahoo Groups full of people with questions on how to work at home. Just do a search and you will find many.
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Posted 10:13 AM Fri 13 May 2011
1. Write a Unique Content that is based on your niche

2. Post the same article to 5 article directories after 3 days of posting it on your blog

3. Submit Article to Digg, Reddit & StumbleUpon

4. Broadcast Article to RSS Directories

5. Broadcast Article to Your Mailing List
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Posted 8:59 AM Wed 25 January 2012
This post has been deleted.
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Posted 10:23 PM Sat 16 June 2012
Thanks everyone! The thing that gets me the most leads is my blog! I love blogging so it works out well.

Victoria Douglas
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Posted 8:43 PM Tue 19 June 2012
I'm just getting started so this is some great advice! Thanks!