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Hi! I'm Dave Cottrell.
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Posted 2:43 PM Sat 19 December 2009

Hi! I'm Dave Cottrell. I live in Gibsons, on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in southern British Columbia, along with my beautiful wife, Kathy, our two youngest (almost grown up) children, one faithful old dog, a crazy young dog and two cats. Our eldest daughter, and our eldest son and his wife, with our sweet grandbaby, live in Oklahoma, where they go to Bible college.

Presently, I am the pastor of Sunshine Community Baptist Church , a small, Independent Baptist church started just over ten years ago. This church is what is known as a "tent maker" ministry, meaning it cannot fully support the pastor. If you have studied the life of Paul, the Apostle, you would know that he was a tent maker, and that is how he supported his ministry. I do not make tents, but my family does presently need to earn an income outside of the church.

My wife and I were married in 1978, and were introduced to our first experience in network marketing shortly after we were married. I was the one in the group who was very quickly recruited to draw the circles and present the plan. Some of you might guess what company that was with! One of the highlights was the seminar we went to in Hawaii at the Hilton Village.

My, were we young, then! We had great fun, but got caught in the "buy-your-upline-up-to-the-next-level" trap that so many network marketers got caught in, back then. So many people had horror stories of garages filled with product! We never had that problem, because the products were great, so we just sold them all! Why would anyone get into something that doesn't have a great product??

Things have changed since then. New rules to protect those who get caught up in illegal pyramid and pump-and-dump schemes were legislated, and regulations were tightened up. However, a quantum leap in communication, via the Internet, has been the biggest change!

Who would ever have imagined! Thanks to the instant, inexpensive, world wide capabilities of communication via the internet, including VOIP (call your people, people!!), I have had the great pleasure of meeting many new friends and building some very large downlines that I likely only would have dreamed about in the "old days!"

Today, along with my first duty of doing what God has called me to do as pastor of our church, I'm still very much involved in network marketing, with a LOT more experience than I had thirty years ago, and am looking forward to meeting and helping many more friends in this very exciting networking world. I am always happy to help in any way I can. The network marketing business is very exciting and rewarding, but can also munch you to bits very quickly if you think you can figure it all out by yourself!

If you can't find my wife and I online, at home, church, or the office, we are probably either on the road, or somewhere in the mountains, hiking, camping, fishing, or perhaps, picking blueberries.

God bless,


PS. The little one in my pic is now a big bro... his sister was born Dec. 17!

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Posted 5:37 PM Sat 19 December 2009
Welcome aboard, Dave! Happy Birthday, and Congratulations on the birth of your granddaughter!
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Posted 2:49 AM Sun 20 December 2009
Thanks for the welcome, David, and for editing my forum post.
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Posted 1:23 PM Sun 20 December 2009
Welcome! The baby's beautiful:)