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Hi I'm Will Drapcho from Columbus, Ohio
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Posted 2:04 AM Mon 21 December 2009

I'm Will from Columbus, Ohio. I love to travel ( Las Vegas baby! ), I love college football & basketball. I've been doing network marketing for a few years now and it's always going to be in my blood. As with most other networkers, I've had some lows and I've had some highs.....currently riding my HIGHEST now :)

I'm starting to build a large organization with Yoli and I'm looking for other leaders!

We have a proven strategy to build fast. So, if you are looking for a new opportunity in the U.S. please contact me or visit my website I have posted.

See you at the TOP!

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Posted 1:09 PM Mon 21 December 2009
Welcome to MLMSocial, Will! Your featured articles, "Achieve Your Dreams By Setting Goals" and "What It Takes To Become A Leader " are great contributions to this site, and are very helpful and quite useful.

We look forward to seeing more great things from you here on MLMSocial!

Wishing you continued success, and that 2010 is your best year yet!

To Your Success,
David Track
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