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Unicorn. New CRM for ambitious network marketers
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Posted 5:41 PM Wed 29 January 2020

Giving away FREE access to a recently launched all-in-one MLM platform for a limited group of MLM leaders. (Value 9000€)

Not just another training platform. Not just a management tool. Unicorn is an all-in-one solution that helps you to sell the product, manage your prospects, build and duplicate your team.

Unicorn is giving away a LIMITED FOUNDER’S GROUP access to MLM leaders with impact and are willing to cooperate in pursuit of mission of creating freedom for the lives of millions through MLM.

As a member of the Founders Group you get:

  • FREE admin account to Unicorn duplication platform (Actual price 9000€ !!!)

  • Possibility to create your own sales & marketing content

  • Possibility to duplicate platform to your whole team (team members DO NOT need to do extra setup)

  • Discounted monthly / yearly subscription fees to your whole team

    • 14€ & 114 instead of 29€ & 229€

    • FREE 30 day trial period + 30 day extra for 5 invitations made

Lifetime 30% commission from all subscriptions in your team!

PS! USE PROMO CODE "mlm-social" to receive 10 FREE yearly subscription gift codes to share with your team.

More about us in the video:

Apply for Founder’s Group membership and see if you qualify:!

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