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hi all
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Joined: 10 year(s) ago
Posted 12:10 PM Wed 15 December 2010

just to say hello to all you out there

i live in the UK

i joined alittle time ago but have not been here much,this is about to change thou i see its a good place to be.

I am a juggler and ballloon artist,and of course i do stuff on line,like we all do.

I am also into Health in a big way,as i eat all organic,if poss,and no additives,or junk,

so theres alittle about me

im going to Miami in jan,and will be there for a few weeks,so if anyone could recomend any ggood places to go,and also if they know of any good networking events there that would be good too

many thanks


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Posted 10:52 AM Thu 23 December 2010
Hi Steve,

Stay active on the site and I'm confident you'll find plenty of networking events to attend.

Thanks for introducing yourself!