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Howdy ! everyone
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Posted 8:20 PM Sat 8 January 2011

Just drop by to say " hello" to everyone. I'm in Thailand. I'm living in a big farm with a lot of cows and oxes.

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Posted 12:27 AM Tue 25 January 2011
Hi, Nontakiat! Your lifestyle sounds so interesting.

Welcome to our site, and let us know if we can help you with anything.

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Posted 7:53 PM Tue 25 January 2011
Howdy ! Laura,
Thank you, Actually , I'm happy in my lifestyle, I'm not American Cowboy as you've seen in your country. I'm a Thai-Cowboy who like a freedom-life. I love my horses, cows and oxes in my farm. I ride around on my place everyday. The life is great with you've done for yourself, right? OK, we talk lather than,
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Posted 9:45 PM Tue 25 January 2011
Hi,Nontakiat. Sounds like you've found paradise,i hope were all as lucky

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Posted 7:46 PM Wed 26 January 2011
Hi Richard,
Yes, if you think so. I've heard someone said that '" You will be happy on anything you've done even that thing go failed."
Nice to talk to you,Richard,