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After you've introduced yourself, please post a welcome message to the person's post before yours. This way, nobody gets left out. Plus, you'll grow your own social network. Keep it going. Don't drop the ball! This is a place for new members to introduce themselves and for existing members to welcome fellow members! Please tell us a little about yourself, your goals, where you're from, what MLMs you belong to (if any), your favorite food, you get the idea! Speak your mind and get to know one another. NO ADS!

Greetings from Tampa Bay Florida!
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Posted 12:28 PM Tue 18 January 2011

Roger and Pamela Foulks, as active network marketers, "Social Networking Strategists" and advisors on "Advanced Internet Marketing Strategy" we welcome all friend requests. We are co-owners of Achievements UnLimited Companies in Bradenton, Florida.

We also have our own Forum here on MLMSocial discussing "Advanced Internet Marketing."

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Posted 4:13 PM Mon 7 February 2011
Roger and Pamela, welcome! It's so nice that you have your own Forum on MLMSocial. I'm looking forward to taking a look at it.