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How do you build your list?
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Posted 6:51 AM Tue 26 April 2011

They say, the money is in your list. So how do you build yours?

Are you more a traditional person, speaking to people about your opportunity or products?

Are you using a lead generation tool?

Do you make friends, build relationships and hope at some point to get people intertested in what you have to offer?

What is your system?

This post has been deleted.
This post has been deleted.
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Posted 9:29 PM Tue 7 June 2011

Does this sound familiar to you?

You get several calls from a friend inviting you to check out a great
business opportunity. After several requests you finally give in to
attending a business opportunity meeting or listening in on a conference call. You get excited, sign-up, pay your startup fees and get started. After several months of hard work your business has not grown and you've actually spent more money than you've made!!

All very discouraging wasn't it? No wonder many get put off trying to make money online!

If you are really looking for a truly honest approach to wealth creation you've found it! Forget about any past failures you've had in network marketing. ' The Team Building Project ' is taking a completely new approach, and I'm glad I joined the program!

Their New Strategic Approach Does Work!

Step 1: Build your business (team) completely online.

Step 2: Select (as a team) on the best opportunity available to join.

Step 3: Join (as a team) the selected business opportunity.

Step 4: Begin earning immediate and long term residual income!

Best of all, there's absolutely::-

No Spending of your own money.

No Attending countless business opportunity meetings.

No Listening to hundreds of opportunity conference calls.

No Bugging your friends and family members.

No Buying tons of products and storing them in your garage.

No Disrupting your already busy life.

The Team Building Project shows you step-by-step how to build a large team completely online and at no cost to you.

Interested in learning more?

Sign up for f*ree here:-

This is a new approach. I have have tried all that is out there, and this makes all the sense in the world.

I would encourage anyone to check it out it is totally free to join.

Call or Skype me anytime.

Tim O'Connor

Skype: timo.365


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Posted 2:35 AM Wed 8 June 2011
Hi TIm,

I am glad you've found a system as well.
That was where I was aiming at.
I use Better Web Builder myself.

The great thing with it is, it is free for those who want to.
You can get upgrades, which allow you to tweak the whole thing to your wishes and especially earn more money with it, but the free version is perfectly workable.
This is a link to the video of it:

Have a look if you want and see what you think of this one, what the differences are?

All the best,

[User Deleted]
Posted 8:40 PM Tue 21 June 2011
If you are not using Traffic Exchanges to build your list you are leaving tons of subscribers and wads of moolah on the table. If you'd like a proven way to build your list,and profit with traffic exchanges send me an email and I'll give a Free Report.

P.S. I don't think you're supposed to post any links here.
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Posted 1:44 AM Wed 22 June 2011
Hello Gavino, You might well be right about the links. But as they have been up here already for such a long time, I guess it doesn't matter much.
The other solution would have been for me to delete Tim's post and I didn't want to do that either.
Anyway, thanks for your post. I would love to read a free report.
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Posted 8:29 AM Fri 12 August 2011

Hi & Thanks... If you'd like to syndicate your blog posts and get free unlimited Back Links you can for FREE ... check it out!

PS: I have had great results with this free system!

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Posted 10:23 AM Sat 13 August 2011

Thanks Dale, for your tip.

I use a free generic recruiting/ list building tool, that help you send people to you your blog (if that's what you would want to :-) )
Have a look at this video if you want:

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Posted 2:04 PM Mon 27 April 2020
I've been building my lists via solo ads for a few years now and is for me that fastest and most converting way to build a business fast. Most people give up to easily, but is all about momentum.

I use mostly Udimi