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How are you converting?
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Posted 8:27 AM Fri 15 April 2011

As I recently started with a new way to generate leads and actually seeing it work,and that got me wondering, how do other people do?

How many people you make contact with, turn into leads and what sort of system do you use for it?

(I have no problem with systems being named, but please don't turn it into a sales pitch, ok?)

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Posted 9:13 AM Sun 17 April 2011
I have people sign up for a free 30 minute skype consult on my blog. I use fieldtrax, which I also sell for a friend(close as I get to a pitch). It is kind of cool. People schedule an appointment with me from my blog, and then we can talk on skype for a free 30 minute consult and decide what to do next.
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Posted 12:54 PM Sun 17 April 2011
Hi Andy, that's cool, doing free chats through skype and fieldtrax seems a cool tool to get people to make the appointment. How do you get people to your blog though?