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Twitter App - is it just me???
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Posted 5:51 AM Tue 1 February 2011

Hi all, trying to tweet using the Twitter app, but it won't authenticate my account. I know the login and password are correct, is it a glitch?

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Posted 7:44 AM Wed 2 February 2011
Hi Monica maybe twitter shut down the app I believe they were doing that a while back to some.
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Posted 11:59 PM Wed 2 February 2011
You're somewhat correct, Dennis. Twitter changed their app and the way in which their authentication works a while back, and we're working on a fix. However, this has taken a little bit of a back seat to our much bigger and more pressing project, the launching of our MLM product. News to come soon! :)
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Posted 4:22 AM Thu 3 February 2011
Ok, thanks guys.