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Looking for leaders to open European countries
[User Deleted]
Posted 12:59 PM Mon 14 January 2013

Hello everyone!

My name is Matej. We are launching a new MLM company called TraDesto, TraDesto is going to be a full licensed brokerage company and financial company.

We are currently looking for leaders to help us with opening new European countries - mainly Hungary, Slovenia, Italia, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Russia etc.

You can be the very top for all of these countries.

We are currently selling the shares of the company as well.

If you think you can help us to open your country and want to be on the very top,

just email me on

I will get back to you ASAP and will explain you everything - concept, opportunity, vision etc.

Thank you :)

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Posted 1:24 PM Mon 14 January 2013
i am from Pakistan and willing to be leader here