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Liftago Taxi A unique "community business&quo
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Posted 1:13 PM Sat 15 June 2013

Liftago Taxi has finally discovered its goal! I am happy to tell you about a new project we are just getting ready to launch. Liftago Taxi A unique "community business" concept using mobile app technology to move the world. Liftago Taxi – make the taxi world a better and hassle-free place for both passengers and drivers

It is a brand new technological service making transportation more comfortable. It will replace the current outdated system used everyday all around the world by millions of people. It will use mobile applications. Before launching this service we are looking for marketers who will profit from spreading this service which will be available globally.

Just imagine – for one person moving from point A to point B you can get paid some cents. How many people around the world use taxis? How many times a day? Millions, billions? Look at the video below:

The man behind this project is a successful Czech entrepreneur Martin Hausenblas. Even before releasing this project 40 thousand marketers are taking part in this project world-wide. We believe it can be millions of people soon.

Now you have an opportunity to be with us at the beginning of a new technological services that can help to make transportation hassle-free for people all around the world and will lead the way for the flexibility into the future.

People around the world spend millions on taxi rides, so let's make the service worth it! With Liftago community business, you have the power, tools, and motivation to get your share of the taxi business around the world.

Please welcome: Liftago Taxi!

Liftago Taxi is a brand new mobile application service directly connecting passengers (with Liftago Taxi app) and taxi drivers (with Liftago Driver app) and offering benefits to all:

  • Passengers get more timely, reliable, and convenient taxi service and driver ratings, while avoiding wait times, unreasonable costs, and unpleasant surprises.
  • Taxi drivers get extra customers through Liftago and pay only a nominal fixed fee for each Liftago order they receive without any other charges. With Liftago they can provide better taxi service and make the most out of their business.
  • Marketers (like you) do not have to sell anything. You and your marketing community get cash rewards by spreading the use of the free Liftago app among passengers and drivers. Once a passenger from your community uses the Liftago Taxi app to order a taxi, your marketing community gets its share. What's more, there are no fees to be paid! How much can I earn as a marketer with Liftago Taxi community business?

    It is really up to you and up to your marketing skills. Imagine you can attract 10 marketers in the first line of your community and they will each attract 5 other marketers and 5 passengers from anywhere around the world into their own first line. Then their first line marketers will do the same and so on. Now there are almost 40 000 passengers in the six lines of your community. If they take a single Liftago ride every month, you can get more than a thousand of dollars a month as a reward. What if they take more rides? What if you attract taxi drivers into your community and help them become marketers who market Liftago Taxi to all the passengers they meet every day? It is only up to you to maximize the potential of your community! Liftago is coming soon! Register now to learn more and build your marketing community before the launch: Liftago is coming soon! Register now to learn more and build your marketing community before the launch:
    Here is a short video in which Martin Hausenblas, our founder, answers a couple of questions about Liftago. This video also demonstrates how the Liftago™ apps work from the passenger's perspective.

    Please note that the apps are not limited to the features shown in the video and that they will also be available in your local language! We believe this video will give you additional information to share with potential passengers and taxi drivers.
  • our demo of the Liftago Driver app for
  • our official YouTube channel for marketers Regards
    technological service Support Team
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