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New Proof of Stake Cryptocurrency MLM
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Posted 8:16 PM Thu 1 March 2018


A Single Token Exchange

Trading is done through the Smart Contract Exchange (Formerly known as an insane blockchain gambling robot).

All tokens can be purchased from, or immediately sold back to the exchange at any time. But Beware of weak hands,

a 10% fee is taken from every transaction to pay out to token holders in the dividend system!

Price based only on Demand

For each token purchased the price increases by a fractional amount (0.0000001 ETH), for each token sold the price decreases by the same amount. It's that simple. No logarithmic bullshit to trick you out of your money.

*Please put your 3D Glasses on Now*

At the core of the PoWH token is its unique Proof of Weak Hands mining algorithm. 10% of all Fomo trading volume with our token is saved as ethereum and split out as dividends to each token owner. This means you get your cut of every sell, purchase and token transfer across the entire network!

PoS Masternodes!

We've beaten Vitalik to the punch and also constructed the world's first staking algorithm for ethereum! With our patented Proof of Shilling technology (PoS) we allow anyone with more than 100 10 tokens to stake them as masternode-links to our contract. The masternode collects 33% of all buy-in transaction fees your referrals would otherwise pay and gives them to YOU directly instead! Try our Shill-Kit on your masternode!

100% Decentralized

The contract is designed to run on its own forever. Masternodes not only allow you to bring additional players into the game, but finally incentivizes you for doing so. No matter how big the contract gets your masternode will always grant a solid percentage off your referrals.

The Mercy of Dividends

Is Eth crashing? Are you worried about the price of bitcoin? We've designed this contract with security and auditing to be a safe place to put your ETH and take a break from the stress of crypto up and downs. You'll always gain dividends on all the volume of everyone else thinking the same, or weak handing to chase after some other shiny new coin!


Seriously, Decentralized + Blockchain. we can't stop this if we tried. No matter how many people sell off tokens your dividends will always be there for you to come back and withdraw. They're locked to you.

Buy Here

Is this a Pyramid or Ponzi Scheme?

Even most top-10 cryptocurrencies have that background fear of a developer dumping their entire stash on the market; With PowH3D we eliminated that chance by limiting all initial buy ins below 1 eth; No Dev or Early Investor Wallets exist with the power to crash the contract's value in any large way!Decentralization is key!

Check the code, it's pretty cool!

Three Dimensional?

Unlike standard cryptocurrency where you bet on the price of the coin over time, and the chance that someone will buy it off you in the future. With PowH3d you're betting on an additional element, which is how much that currency will be traded between when you buy it, and when you finally get weak enough in the hands to sell it.

We're pretty sure nobody has done this fairly before!

Proof Of Weak Hands [PoWH] is a Smart Contract economic simulation system that evolved from (we shit you not) an autonomous blockchain ponzi scheme written by Jochen-Hoenicke a main developer of the Trezor hardware wallet. The previous PowH Devs launched a modified version of his Ponzi-contract on a joke website covered in frantically begging you not to invest in the scheme, instead the original contract (and clones) have consistently taken up 5-15% of the ethereum network's traffic ever since! Oops.

While that initial smart contract failed succeeded spectacularly in a blaze of glory that involved stack overflow bugs, JUSTing everyone (including the dev team) out of their own money, and the crashing of other ERC20 tokens who unknowingly had the same token bug with no survivors. We're pretty sure everyone had fun except for this guy. Press 0xFFF To pay respects to old PoWH devs.

Proof of Weak Hands: 2 - Electric Boogaloo (Also known as PoWH-3D) is new programmers deploying a rewrite of code from the ground floor (you're on it!) that takes some of the truly interesting aspects of that experiment, and applies them to a new linear algorithmic model that is no longer intended to funnel funds to the first-investors. Simply put, it's trying to be less of a pyramid than most crypto. By programming in volumetric dividends for any trade of PoWH3D (yes even those outside our smart contract), we've created the first truly three dimensional cryptocurrency asset.

To take this even further, the entire project has been designed from inception as an apology to the community that lost dearly on the previous joke contracts , by showing that a competent development team can write, audit, test and deploy a contract designed to do what the Original PowH Could not. Be the first truly self-sustaining smart-pyramid built entirely on the blockchain; with input, hype and volume decided entirely by the decentralized community surrounding it.

Buy Here!

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Posted 5:17 AM Wed 17 July 2019

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