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A New Concept in Social Circles, The All In One
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Posted 4:13 PM Fri 12 July 2013

Unittus is the future of business communication.

You can friend someone and chat with them on Facebook, you can video call them on Skype, You can place Classifieds on Craigslist and you can hang out with people on google. You can also do all the above on Unittus, in one place.

If you could have a share of Facebook and its value ..... Would you Buy In? We are a combination of Facebook, Craigslist, Google and Skype all rolled together to Unite Us! You won't believe the classifieds now live. html enabled full page ads. We also have video calling, screensharing, file sharing and more. A One Stop Shop! I would like to invite you to the most unique social website in the world and as you explore the opportunities, and functionality of your new uWorld Community, you will start to see why. We are The First People Search and Social Ecosystem in the World with People Search, Instant Messaging, Translation, Video/Voice Calling, Screensharing, Whiteboard and More... FIND…or be FOUND for any Business or person Expand your Social, Career & Leisure Life Share your Brilliance, Purpose & Passions with the World