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earn money with real estates
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Posted 8:17 AM Sat 14 June 2014

Hello i am new in this Forum.

I came from austria and I am Admin at the support-forum from the affiliate-programm 07network. We earn our money with affiliate marketing. we promote the properties of our partner-realtors and get paid per sale. so it is possible to earn a lot of money because we have partners who deal with hotels or big villas everywhere at the whole world. Visit our information-site to get more details:

here a little summary:

  • 20% of the total commissionif you choose the "premium light" or "premium pro" membership
  • Income over 10 levels
  • After reaching 100 participants free 50 GB web space
  • No selling required - this do our professional seller
  • Free promotional material for various real estate projects
  • International real estate search engine at discounted price
  • Free Registration

If you have any questions please contact me.

Best regards

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Posted 12:40 AM Mon 16 June 2014
Hi Michael,

its nice to see you here.

I am very happy that you are a member in our program and ill think that we will reach our goal - 1.000.000 members in 2016 who earn money with properties.....we will be better each day :)

Have a great day.

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Posted 1:56 AM Mon 16 June 2014

Hi Thomas thx for your nice words. I think nearly nobody knows the real estate business combinated with affiliate marketing. So this is a real great chance for all. With the income in 10 lines you can earn money which you otherwise only dream.

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Posted 3:56 AM Tue 17 June 2014
Your very welcome Michael. You are right - our program is the only one where everone can get commissions on property sales without a licence. Its nice ill think - people are using my property seach and if the found a nice home then real estate professionals are getting the clients and sell them a home and ill get a nice commission.....I'm lovin it :)
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Posted 3:38 AM Thu 19 June 2014
i hope there come a lot of questions and a lot of interested people in this forum. i think our program is interesting for all people because our merits are as great as they are in other businesses not possible, at least with only one successful deal
[User Deleted]
Posted 2:00 AM Wed 25 June 2014
Thomas, i love it too ;-)
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Posted 6:37 AM Wed 25 June 2014

Hi Kerstin nice to meet you here.