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Posted 10:44 AM Wed 25 June 2014

A real business. Not just online money program, PlanB4you We can help you to fulfill your wildest dreams! Who are PlanB4u?

We are the BVBA Create Commerce (Ltd.), trading under the name of PlanB4You. We are located at Essensestraat 16/10, 1740 Ternat, Belgium. Our Entrepreneurs number is BE 0835 626 096 (equivalent to VAT and Chamber of Commerce registration numbers). Its a real Company with address (our headoffice is in Den Bosch, in the Netherlands), phone numbers, and they have invested in factories to make their own products.

Why it is called PlanB4u?

Every one has their primary source of income, let it be their salary, from business, pension, or rent income etc. But this plan is designed so that even any one with very little knowledge of networking can make a decent monthly income and hence called PlanB4u.

Click Block (€50 returned every 25 days)
With a Click Block you receive €2 per day reward by delivering at least 10 clicks on banners per day. A Click Block is system repurchased of your 25-day €2 returns, once it expired, leaving you with a new Click Block plus 10 euros of profit of which €7.50 are returned to your withdrawable balance and €2.50 are made available for purchases in PlanB4you's discount webshop.

Because of sufficient money being returned every 25 days for the auto-repurchase of a new Click Block, actually, a perpetual Click Block is being created by just your one-time spend of €40.

Your and others' presence on the website and your and their clicks delivered show that the PlanB4you pages are of interest to its visitors. This is attractive to firms and companies that would like to offer their services and products on these pages, through advertisements. This explains income to the PlanB4you company. Brickx income
Purchasing of Brickx is generating a second income stream. Every day profits are made by the company from what it calls publicity(sales of ads and of their own produce). The publicity profits vary from day to day, as sales are varying daily.

Brickx cost 40 euros each and are activated if a payment has been properly registered into the system. They will remain active as long as a total of €50 have not been returned on them each. The returns are credited to your account daily, and are indicated as day yield. 75% of the profits will go to your withdrawal wallet, and 25% to your shopping wallet.

As long as brickx are active a part of the publicity profits will be returned to them; the total day profit divided by all active brickx will give the profit per active brickx.

€0.80 per day per brickx scenario
If auto-repurchase is on (your account is set to system managed), then every time your withdrawal wallet reaches €40 or more, a new brickx is purchased, enabling to double the brickx you purchased at the start after 40 days, providing the average day yield of an active brickx has been about €0.80 for those 40 days. Growth is very common, even if you decide to take out the number of bricks x 5 every month, starting after day 61 of growing your number of brickx.

Example: if you start out with 10 active brickx, after 61 days you will have built 30 active brickx. then take out (30 x 5 = ) €150, and build again to 30 brickx, and take out 150 euros after a month again, et cetera. Also, notice that the money in your shopping wallet will grow and grow day by day, with which you can buy discount quality products for €10 every month with this €0.80 per day scenario.
Example for AVG €0.77 yield per brickx per day, starting with 5 brickx VAT
No VAT is charged on brickx if purchased from the wallet you can withdraw from. (It is not a shop purchase, but a purchase within a system of units). So, that is why the price for an auto-system purchased brickx is without VAT.
VAT is charged if you purchase brickx with money from your shop wallet because that type of buy is a purchase from a shop. It is mandatory for a shop to pay VAT to the tax authorities, that is why VAT will be charged if you decide to buy brickx from the PlanB4you webshop. Active Income
Active income is generated from webshop purchases that members make. Member accounts are placed in a two-legged system that PlanB4you has set up. If a member account is system-placed directly under you, then a compensation of up to 10% of profits made through the member's purchases in the webshop will go to your account.

You will receive active income if you have at least one active Brickx or if you have at least two members subscribed with you as their referrer. Passive Income
Passive income is generated from brickx purchases by your personally referred members. Crediting will be done after expiry of you referrals' brickx at the beginning of every month. Compensation is dependent on the position of the referrals in the binary hierarchy of the team you formed. The higher the position of your referral, the higher the compensation. (Up to 10% of the brickx purchasing value of 40 euros). The more brickx expire of one of your referrals, the higher up they will be in your binary hierarchy, and the more you will earn. Earning More
PlanB4you owns product lines. Also, PlanB4you is doing projects that bring income to the company and profits to the members. Every so often members are enabled to purchase Profit Parts from new initiatives that are projected to have great results business-wise. If new Profit Parts information is available about these initiatives this is communicated during the monthly Den Bosch sessions in The Netherlands by the owner or a spokesperson for the company. Profit Part Selling is usually done through banner clicking at the PlanB4you website. Monthly Residual

You don't have to register people. But if you do you can get a monthly recurring passive income.

  • If you have registered 2 people(layer 1), than you get 10% on the purchase of extra blocks of these people.

  • If you have registered another 4 people(layer 2) than you get 5% on the purchase of extra blocks of these people.

  • if have registered yet another 8 people (layer 3) than you get get paid 3% on the purchase of extra blocks of these people

  • register another 16 people (layer 4) get 2% on the purchase of extra blocks of these people

  • register another 32 people (layer 5) get 1% on the purchase of extra blocks of these people

  • another 64 (layer 6) get 0.5% on the purchase of extra blocks of these people

  • What payment Processor they accept?

    STP and Paypal

    All Free accounts will be deleted from the system after 5 days,
    so make sure you purchase click blocks within 5 days of registering
  • Join my group to get the update on new launches With PlanB4you money online is really as easy as walking , after you 've taken the first step, it goes without saying !

    Click here for: Money



    Services Support Team
    Robert Allen and Peter

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Posted 12:26 AM Thu 14 May 2015

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