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Destroy our Ecosystem, Destroy Ourselves
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Posted 3:38 PM Sat 8 January 2011

Climate change is an issue involving all of us no matter where we are living in the world.

We all contribute to creating greenhouse gas emissions that forms part the problem of climate change which is increasingly starting to impact on our daily lives.

Offsetting your own emissions is simply paying your own way towards global environmental sustainability.

With every carbon credit that purchase, you are paying for preserving more trees, planting new trees and in turn helping create clean air for everyone. This means that the greenhouse gas emissions you create through your daily activities is able to be offset by purchasing these carbon credits. 1 Carbon Credit is equal to 1 Tonne of Carbon Dioxide taken out of the atmosphere by living trees over their lifetime.

At CCN we also encourage you to take the time to understand your carbon footprint and see where you can take measures to reduce your emissions, and offset what you can't reduce. This is also a very important measure you can take in your strategy to fight climate change.

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