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Unique offer to obtain € 32,500 !
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Posted 7:22 PM Mon 24 January 2011

In 2007, a small group of masters of banking explored several ideas to expand funds without directly needing to extract new money from the market. This included investigation of volume growth, as well as ameliorative solvability and liquidity.

One of the current activities, which banks generally use for ages, is the reselling of policies, such as mortgages, as well as life insurances or risk insurances.

After 2.5 years of investigation and verification of feasibility, a plan has been developed which is unique in its making. The bank will make a relatively small investment (6% of its total of invested capital), will keep full liquidity, will improve its solvability and is nevertheless creating a future income, which is laid down in official documents. These future earnings, however, can be directly activated by way of regular banking activities.

This will be explained in detail, and we are using the term “policies”, but bear in mind that these do not need to be only insurances. These are valuation agreements in which profitability is generated by way of pawnage. As an example you can think of your death risk insurance, which you needed to effect, in order to take out a mortgage on your own house. The “policy” will then officially be pawned to the mortgage supplying bank.

In the plan, we will explain how you, as a participant, will end up with a result of € 32,500.- for each and every personal policy. It may seem as if the bank is just “giving” you this money, but of course this is not the case. The money needs to have its course, and the deposit must be earned back, with a profit. This will take some time, of course, but that is actually the only investment you need. No long-term obligations, no high or risky investments. if you see enlisted by use my ref number: BIG_6658.