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21 Day Millionaire - Launches Jan 21
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Posted 3:46 PM Fri 8 January 2010

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Prelaunch is now OPEN. Get in fast now before the rush begins!!

If you doubled a dollar every day after your first day, in 21 days you would have earned your first million!

This one is so easy, its a no brainer.

2x20 Binary Matrix, get paid on every filled position, no waiting to cycle.

Each regenerates after first 6 levels are full and gives you another and you earn all the way down on every one!

Excellent product line.

Daily payouts.

Awesome back office, with full reporting, messaging, forums.

Don’t pass this one up, only $12.99 one time - Easy for all!

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Posted 7:25 PM Fri 8 January 2010
What does "no waiting to cycle" mean?
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Posted 7:33 PM Fri 8 January 2010
Hi there. It simply means that you are paid as soon as a person signs up.