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Marcio ************­T.E.A.M*****­******* Toge­ther Each Ac­hieves More ­ If you have­n't...
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************­T.E.A.M*****­******* Toge­ther Each Ac­hieves More ­ If you have­n't...
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MLM Distributor
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First Name:
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I am an MLM Vendor
Contact Information
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My Company :
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Education and Work
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Brand New Business (0-1 years)
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EZ Money Method

GVO - Host, then profit!

5 Minute Mogul
What You Need Most Right Now:
I need serious people who REALLY want to build a business, to be part of a team and willing to work. People who want to have an nice online income every month. If you just want a quick buck with the press of a button, please do not apply.
Personal Information
About Me:
A open-minded person with the will to win and to learn. You can count with my hardworking too. Usually, i like technology, internet opportunities and to take advantage of what life has to offer, travelling it's one of he best things there is.
Activities and Interests:
Computer, gaming, sports, good food, my girlfriend, hanging out with my friends, travelling.
Favorite Music:
Good music in almost all genres.
Favorite Movies:
Well that's hard, I remember Back To The Future, Indiana Jones, Terminator, Star Wars, Alien... when I was young. Today I remember I liked Lord Of The Rings, the most recent Batman triology, Bourne trilogy... I don't know, many more.
Favorite TV Shows:
I have many, I loved Seinfeld, so simple and so perfect. Most recently I've enjoyed Prison Break, Lost and Supernatural, just to name a few.