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Posted: Sun 22 January 2012 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: Coaching

 My mentor Tom Big Al Schreiter says that the only thing people need to succeed is to know WHAT TO SAY and WHAT TO DO. That's why they need a system. And the system is not duplicating the things you do (producing robots) but duplicating results.


The good system provokes you to use different tools until you find the real style that fits your personality.


Imagine a soldier who goes into battle. Can you send him out with a one-size-fit-all armor? Or a business person who uses the same presentation and approach for every new prospect client? Gosh, sounds familiar... And... totally ineffective...


Start witht he simplest thing: DON'T CHANGE! Continue doing what you have always been doing: SHARE and RECOMMEND. If people are not interested, don't try to change their No to a Yes, it's going to be a No anyway, even if they yeild to the manipulation. But get connected with a real partner who is going to encourage you to grow and excell.


Because success is never easy to achieve: you could have done it so far, if it were :-)


It takes a good team working together. Knowing what to say and what to do...

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Category: Coaching

 We have always been doing something, ever since the age of 4 or 5: we have been sharing and promoting... The problem is that we never got paid for it.


Can you collect that money and earn great income from home?


Why do we tend to think that after we join an MLM company things change and we should do it differently? We become sales-people that others avoid at all cost.


Can you simply continue doing what you have ALWAYS been doing EFFECTIVELY and earn money? YES, YOU CAN!


Tom Big Al Schreiter gives a hand here...


George and Tom Schreiter, my mentor

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Category: Coaching


Need more people to talk to?Ran completely out of prospects?

Why not try gift certificates to give you the opportunity to visit with more prospects?

How does this work?

Imagine that you sold skin care products. Who are your best users?


You could reach these products users and talk to them about your opportunity by using gift certificates. Here’s how it works.


Go to any office that employs men, preferably married men or men with girlfriends. Since men are typically terrible shoppers, they dread Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. When these special days approach, here is how they normally handle their gift shopping.


The day before that special day, they go to a local department store approximately five minutes before closing. Once inside, they stand in one spot and slowly scan the counters – and then despair. They don’t have a clue. Usually they’ll grab something that is within convenient reach, purchase it, and then spend the next few hours agonizing over how they will get it gift- wrapped.

Gift shopping is one of the biggest problems in men’s lives.

And you can solve it.




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Category: Coaching

 It is really weird how so many people complain that they always have no money while at the same time they do nothing about it to work a little extra and earn extra money.

TV, parties and surfing the net seem more attractive, there are always excuses...

They complain all the time how unhappy they are and how awful times are today, how horrible people are and how bad those well-off guys are...

Do you happen to know such people? Strange, me too :-)




There is a story about an old man. His grandson put some Limburger cheese on his moustache while tha old man was sleeping. Do you know of that cheese? It smells of sports shoes a teen hasn't washed for at least 6 months...

The old man woke up, startled by the horrible stench. And he concluded: "OMG, this room stinks!"

He went to the living room only to find out that... it stinks too. Then he went into the kitchen and, weirdly enough, it stank too.

When he got outside, he discovered that ALL THE WORLD STINKS!!!

This story might seem funny but when EVERYTHING works against you and things NEVER work out, you seem to be walking in circles and have bad luck all the time... isn't it time to look closer and check on your moustache? :-)

If you want to earn extra money and change your luck by doing something that you have been doing ever since the age of four, only you never got paid for it, call me to talk about it. THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY, as long as there is A WILL!

My skype is georgealex1605.

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Category: Coaching

 This is a Special Report that Michael Oliver has written to help network marketers, especially in the face of the coming holidays.


Michael is the author of Natural Selling, a great book on the New School of Network Marketing, and a close friend of my mentor's, Tom Big Al Schreiter.


If you really want to work stress-free and rejection-free, this small book may help a lot. I do recommend it! It takes about half an hour to read but if you apply it, it may save you tons of frustration and failure.



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Category: Coaching

Isn't it wise to learn from those who have been successful for many years and have taughts thousands of people how to be successful too?


And then not only listen but get a helping hand how to apply what you have heard... Tom's system is really awesome!


This is the first session of Tom's seminar in London.


I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and all those people we help build their successful business.


Tom Big Al Schreiter - my mentor

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Category: Coaching

 Hi all friends, netoworkers,


I have found out that there are 2 types of people in the world: Those who need help and seek it and find it and yet those who do need help and always try to do it their own way, to prove that they can make it.


I've done both. And everybody knows that there comes a moment when you see how futile all your efforts are - the bicycle has long been invented and in good use worldwide... And you are still trying to invent it... On your own... :-)


Many of us have found out that the most important thing when joining any system is NOT following the steps word for word and believe you can make it because others have - it doesn't work, does it?


We all need help to discover the real person inside, with our own dreams, personal motivation, aptitudes and skills and then decide what is the best way and style of work. No two people, even twins, are ever the same!


Let's meet up and talk about YOU - no recruiting, no spamming, no opportunities, no pressure to change - you were made to succeed and you have all that it takes to do it. Perhaps you simply need a friend to help you see it better and, most of all, believe with you that YOU CAN MAKE IT! Wherever you are, whatever you are doing... You were made to succeed!


We work together with Tom Big Al Schreiter and Michael Dlouhy. Would you like to team up and find YOUR road to success in network marketing?


We do believe in you and in your success, really! And have seen many achieve it!

Looking forward to talking with you,


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Category: Coaching

Hi everyone,


I have been in network marketing since 1997. I have been in several companies, I have achieved quite much - more than 2,500 people in my downline, quite a good income, a bonus Mercedes car...


But... I had a problem with RETENTION - I had to run and recruit all the time and never really feel happy that I have made it - next month other people stopped working and I had to do it all over again - go meet people and recruit new guys...


Even leaders left... Not because I did not work with them and teach them... My wife and I were well-known for the teaching we provided... I had no clue why...


Everybody knows that in a situation like this you have two options - forget all about it or seek help.


In my despair, I found this small book and read it (I had read MANY, no use.) This one was a mind-opener! I contacted the author and we started talking. Boy, it felt different! Michael started teaching me stuff and my mind really started getting it. There was hope! Things could be different! Simply I wasn't taught, I had been used by sharks in the industry for their own gain... And it WAS NOT MY FAULT why people were losing motivation - they simply did not have their own and lived on mine... I thought I was offering the BEST opportunity that everyone should join. (And people did!) But I hardly knew that it is NOT THEIR responsibility whether they make it or not, it was mine too - to find the right people who REALLY WANT to join.


Today I know better! Michael has helped me so much in knowing people and speaking with them, he has changed my concept of networking! Thank God for that!


Would it be OK to find the help that you are not getting from your upline, for FREE? And there are no strings attached! Everybody knows that there is no free lunch. Well, there is a free ebook :-)


Get the book, it may help you too save years of frustration and guilt...




And if you want to talk and discuss your situation, contact me. We mentor people from all over the world and help them succeed in THEIR company, we don't recruit...


Take your future in your own hands!