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Need more people to talk to?Ran completely out of prospects?

Why not try gift certificates to give you the opportunity to visit with more prospects?

How does this work?

Imagine that you sold skin care products. Who are your best users?


You could reach these products users and talk to them about your opportunity by using gift certificates. Here’s how it works.


Go to any office that employs men, preferably married men or men with girlfriends. Since men are typically terrible shoppers, they dread Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. When these special days approach, here is how they normally handle their gift shopping.


The day before that special day, they go to a local department store approximately five minutes before closing. Once inside, they stand in one spot and slowly scan the counters – and then despair. They don’t have a clue. Usually they’ll grab something that is within convenient reach, purchase it, and then spend the next few hours agonizing over how they will get it gift- wrapped.

Gift shopping is one of the biggest problems in men’s lives.

And you can solve it.




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