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Posted at 11:27 PM on Sun 26 December 2010
Please welcome yourself by posting some information about who you are and what you do online.

O.M.G. Team
Posted at 1:15 AM on Mon 3 January 2011
Love to!

Originally from Washington, DC, currently living in Oxon Hill, Md. Self taught in HTML, JavaScript and CSS, Designed a lot of sites on the internet that have come and gone. Proud to say that a lot of them made page one of Google in a short amount of time!

I currently work freelance at another social network called Me2everyone and I am the Webmaster for two LLCs:

M2E Networks LLC
Ladder to Success LLC

They were both created with partners from the social site. From what I have seen today, there are several of us that have joined this one!

Before getting into that, I was the Training Coach at Greenwood Health Systems, Inc. for approximately a year along with being affiliated with dozens of other marketing programs.
Posted at 4:36 PM on Wed 5 January 2011
My name is Lisa Simpkins and I have been working online for 12 years in affiliate marketing. I have gained enough knowledge over the years to work as an administrator and content provider at several social network sites.

My husband is a computer programmer, repair/tech and I have learned a lot from him. My plans are to do the same and work in the social networks/administration.

I do multiple things online such as Link marketing, blogging, advertising, SEO, bookmarking specialist, personal branding, proper networking, marketing manager, public relations, mentoring, train one-on-one, marketing expert, web site owner and director of member recruitment.

Lisa Simpkins
Skype: lisa.simpkins
Posted at 7:16 AM on Thu 13 January 2011
Hello Everyone,
My name is William Knotts and I have been online since 2005. I have gained enough knowledge to be working with two offline business to get them into google's front page. I also do website design as well as affiliate marketing. I love doing the backend of stuff like install php scripts and wordpress blogs and designing them.
I currently off webhosting as well. I have enjoyed knowing Lisa for sometime now and have started to get to know Cory better as well.
William Knotts
skype and yahoo: william5or
Posted at 5:25 PM on Sun 6 February 2011
Hi guys,

My name is Allen Daniels. I am a marketer that believes that you get what you give. The more value you can add to other peoples lives and business, the more that will be returned to you. I am relatively new to OMG, but have made some strong friendships in a very short amount of time.

I have an interest in many different forms of marketing and look forward to learning more each day.

If I can help you with your business, do not hesitate to let me know and I will do everything that I can

Allen Daniels

add me to skype: addaniels
[User Deleted]
Posted at 2:25 PM on Thu 10 February 2011
Hello Everyone,

Hello from Norway :)

I've been working with Internet Marketing for a while but are now focusing more on my European MLM. My plan is to build rapport by giving away my own Business Plan (30 Days to MLM Success) and also help by offering building a blog and set up an attraction marketing system.

Believe there is a lot of networkers that can need some help with the technical stuff. I.e. I try to bridge "old school" and "new school" Network Marketing.

Really exited about this Mastermind group. Hope we'll see some real sharing here.

To our success,
Posted at 2:28 AM on Sat 12 February 2011
Hello everyone,

I have been a traditional entrepreneur for 30 years starting up 4 different businesses the old fashioned way. I got into internet marketing a year ago and have learned a great deal about MLM and affiliate marketing.

With my background I openly offer my services and help to anyone asking for it. I look forward to meeting many of you soon.

Norman Williams
[User Deleted]
Posted at 7:13 PM on Mon 14 February 2011
What's up people? I am a former small business owner of some 25 years or so with a background in Transportation and Warehousing, Shipping and Receiving, and Sales in various niches.

Currently I work online as a Free Money Earner in The Get Paid To Sector. I also lend my expertise in what I know about not wasting your time with bogus programs, and how to magnify your efforts in the ones with a Legitimate and Longevity status.

To your success,
Gavino Berardesco
Posted at 6:29 PM on Sun 20 February 2011
Chuck Bartok here from Northern California.

I have enjoyed 50 years of an entrepreneurial lifestyle with some Busts, but more Bonanzas.

Now enjoying a growing Consultancy activity with select small to mid-sized businesses. The internet has become a wonderful vehicle for me and my clients to grow in sales and increased profit, because of the high ROI the internet provides.

Our group has also developed some unique tools and systems easily applied to On-line and Off-line business growth.

Posted at 8:29 PM on Sun 20 February 2011

I am a Social Networking Schmoozer!

My goal is to help entrepreneurs communicate more effectively with social networking and blogging.

I do that everyday through my blog and, which is a community blog site.

Looking forward to connecting with members on OMG!

Andy Nathan
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