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Fred Mugone (leader)
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Group NameA Whole New Approach to Financial Success
DescriptionThe Team Building Project was conceived and developed by Stephen Scott, a proven Digital Marketing Expert with over 20 years of business development, web site design & architecture, database design, viral marketing, social networking and computer programming experience. In addition, Stephen is considered a network marketing (MLM) expert having successfully developed organizations in six different countries.

The Team Building Project is essentially a community of people working together to achieve financial success for the entire team. The Team Building Project utilizes a proprietary technology platform that enables you to pre-build a large network marketing downline, and subsequently plug your downline team into multiple income generating business opportunities.

As a Team Building Project partner you receive a state-of-the-art back office that includes a full genealogy platform to manage and track your teams growth. In addition, you have access to proven tools and resources to help you build your team completely online.

The Team Building Project employs a whole new strategic approach that is guaranteed to ensure success.

The first step involves: Building your business (team) completely online.

The second step involves: Selecting (as a team) on the best opportunity available to join.

The third step involves: Joining (as a team) the selected business opportunity.

The fourth step involves: Begining to earn immediate and long term residual income.

Best of all, this strategic approach ensures there's absolutely:

* No Spending of your own money.
* No Attending countless business opportunity meetings.
* No Listening to hundreds of opportunity conference calls.
* No Bugging your friends and family members.
* No Buying tons of products and storing them in your garage.
* No Disrupting your already busy life.

The Team Building Project will show you step-by-step how to build a large team completely online and at no cost to you.

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