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Posted at 11:09 AM on Sun 6 February 2011
It's a great idea to create a group about Marketing on the Web, or simple Marketing Online. I think usually people who join MLM Social need to find solutions to promote opportunities, so that:
What I need to be on the top in an online biz?
Maybe a website with own hosting and domain well for SEO.
Maybe a Squeeze Page or a well designed form html form own Autoresponder
Maybe hours on Traffic Exchange wewbsites
Maybe tons of emails sent on Safe List
Maybe yes, maybe not.
I don't contest the results with the methods above, but all these are to obtain leads, not joined member on your business and the follow up need time and investment.
Now I think it's time for a change.
What do you think if first you'll build your network, establish relationship with the people in your team in a free system and after you build a super network join with all your team the opportunity you choose it right for yourself.
There isn't a business yet, isn't a MLM because there are not products to sell, not industry - only a simple system to build your own network for free. You'll have access to your own back office where you can see your activity.
Of course nothing fall from the sky. You need to put some work here, but when a system like this accept 105 countries you can't tell;oh it's difficult to do this - why? Because this is global and when I tell global I mean worldwide.
I remember you again this is not a biz,not investment, it's your team and you'll love it because you'll be a leader, and you can make people to understand how a team work can be a success appointment.
Where we can find this?
It's easy to find me here on MLM Social and contact me with a message in my profile page.
I don't try to promote an opportunity here.
More important it's people understand to be first in a friendship relation base on trust and after to work together in a fantastic team.
Posted at 12:24 AM on Wed 9 February 2011
I agree completely Lucian..
I have a mastermind team and I am a team leader.Building relationships is what it is all about and helping others.Creating that mindset is very important in any business.Thank You!
Posted at 4:39 AM on Sat 12 February 2011
Yes - every business needs a warm market as well as the cold. Building a team free is the ideal way of doing this. Remember though, make friends with this team first and do not go barging in with proposals straight away. See what they need and is there any way that you can help them, nurture them - you never know what they could do for you further down the line.