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23 best Article Directories
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Best blog directories to submit your weblog URL's to get more exposure, visibility and reach more readers.
Directories organized by popularity, offers a comprehensive collection of the best blogs online Directories.

1. Technorati
Real-time search engine for blogs that tracks what is current and popular. Offers the ability to search blog postings using a tag library, list your blog, and find out who’s linking to it and from where.

2. Blogarama
Categorized directory of blogs and journals.

3. BlogCatalog
A blog directory where users can submit and find blogs.

4. Google Blog Search
Allows users to find blogs on favorite topics.

5. Bloggernity
Search engine and directory to blogs on a range of topics, from around the Web.

Blog directory and search engine.

7. Globe of Blogs
Directory of blogs or blogs from around the world. Find blogs by their title, topic, author information, or location. Register your blog to make sure readers can find you. Or check out what current memes are making their way through the blogosphere.

Search blogs and pictures from moblogs, and browse the subject directory.

Blog directory that includes reviews, ratings, and comments on a categorized list of popular blogs.

10. BlogHop
Searchable directory of blogs, including the newest and highest rated ones.

11. Blogthings
Cool things to put on your blog like quizzes, facts, name generators, and horoscopes.

12. TailRank
Memetracker which finds the hottest posts from thousands of blogs.

Allows users to search for a blog, add their own, or grab an RSS feed on any blog topic.

14. BlogStreet
Tracks related web logs in blog neighborhoods, top blogs, and blogrolling.

15. Blog Universe
Searchable directory of blogs categorized by theme.

16. Bloggeries
A blog directory with forums, reviews, resource links, and tools.

17. Kinja
Blog portal, collecting blog posts into topical digests or user-created personal digests.

18. Blog Search
Allows users to search blogs all over the Web.

19. 9rules network
Blog network and directory focusing on a selection of quality content.

20. NYC Bloggers
Directory of blogs from New York City, organized by subway stop.

21. Bloogz
Search engine lets you query blogs in Italian, German, Spanish, and French, as well as English. Or, you can submit your blog URL.

22. Wil’s Domain
Categorized directory to blogs from around the world.

23. BlogRunner
Index of blog entries grouped together according to interest topics and news stories.

Tracks web log genealogy and records which blogs inspired others.

25. Rice Bowl Journals
An Asian online journal community. Features an index of blogs sortable by the blogger’s country of origin or current location, a top 100 list, and discusson boards.

Directory of blogs offering video footage.

27. Waypath
Topic-specific information feeds that aggregate blog posts.

28. Educational Bloggers Network
Community of teachers, educational professionals, and supporters who use blogs for teaching and learning.

29. China Blog List (CBL)
A collection of links to English language blogs focused on China. Provides firsthand accounts and independent views of China.

30. ORblogs
Directory of Oregon blogs, posted excerpts from those weblogs, and pictures of Oregon by the blog authors.

31. Blogging Brits
Specifically British blogging ring open to anyone aged 15 years and older.

32. Guardian Unlimited Weblog Guide
Includes directory of blogs and information about blogs.,10627,744914,00.html

33. DFW Blogs
Portal to blogs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

34. Pepys Project
Index of blogs, diaries, and journals from around the world, categorized regionally.

35. Blizg – The Blog Resource
An index of blogs that promotes the use of metadata in the blogging community.

36. Issue, The
Blogs organized in a more dignified, newspaper format. Sections include U.S. and world news, books, art, and cartoons.

37. Cyber Journalist List
Directory of J-blogs (aka journalists’ weblogs).

38. League of MBA Bloggers
Offers a directory of blogs by current, prospective MBA students.

39. London Bloggers
Zoom in on the London Underground map or find your nearest station and discover the bloggers who live nearby.

40. austin stories
Collaborative blog by Austin, Texas bloggers, also offering a directory of local bloggers and associated offline events.

41. SplogSpot
Blog search tool that keeps track of spam blogs, or splogs. The database can be queried via an API.

42. Blogs by Iranians
Directory of Iranians who write their blogs in English.

43. Humbug: Periodic Table of Blogs
List of blogs, broken down by category.

44. Artiklz
Social search engine allows users to search comments, blogs, and articles.

45. Ageless Project
Directory of personal home pages, blogs and journals, indexed by site authors’ dates of birth.

46. BlogMatcher
Program that helps people find blogs that match their interests and find like-minded blogs.

47. Best Blogs in Asia Directory
Provides an index of blogs by country, with ratings based on user votes.

48. Professors Who Blog
Collection of blogs by academics and professors from

49. Bitacle
Searchable directory and archive of blogs on a wide variety of topics.

50. Canadian Blogs Directory
Lists Canadian blogs by topic, features notable sites, and offers news from the blogsphere.

Fresh torrents from millions of blogs.

52. VIPBloggers
Browse blogs by thumbnail picture or search by keyword. Mousing over blogs provides a pop up picture along with a title and description.

53. Birmingham Bloggers
Collection of blogs from the Birmingham and Solihull areas.

Search blog sites throughout the web simultaneously to find relevant information on any subject. Find only the most useful information with no commercial content.

55. Downhill
Based on the links between blogs, tries to find a path between any two you specify.

Blog directory that tracks recently updated weblogs, letting you keep an eye on your favorite blogs over the web and via email. Or add your list to your own personal web page, for a blogroll that shows what’s new.
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