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Posted at 6:53 AM on Sun 9 January 2011
10 Reasosn to JOIN WINALITE
1. Small product with huge market: the Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkin.

2. Granted patent: “Anionic Tape,” the first of its kind in China and of world advanced standard.

3. Patented function: seven-layered structure, one-time fixed manufacturing, packaging using standard for food products, high-tech patent, purely physical function, no side effects.

4. Market analysis: among the 305 million people in USA, the female population aged from 13 to 50 is estimated to consume sanitary napkins worth $5.4 billion a year and the market is growing every year! There are now very few influential brands of the same product. The product can be used by all customers regardless of nationality and race, which means a worldwide market of 6 billion people!

5. Need analysis: A necessity for women: a must buy item!

6. Psychological analysis: a good healthcare product that appeals to the people’s preference for safety and healthcare functions.

7. Price analysis: retail price in the range of those for high end brands in the market, but less expensive than market price for members enjoying member’s prices.

8. Strategic analysis: traditional marketing channels, modern marketing tool: electronic commerce (internet platform), highly competitive.

9. Risk analysis: Low investment capital, low performance pressure, low requirement for after sale services (all women know how to use), automatic repeated consumption every month!

10. Easily demonstrated: just demonstrate our product and make sales!