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Posted at 11:43 PM on Wed 4 May 2011
The rich can buy Gold by the truckload, the rest of us can now build our wealth by the gram!

KB-VISION First Gold and Silver Backed Savings Plan!

Gold from KB-Vision AG
• Own goldmine
• Own refinery production
• Certified by Swiss authorities
• 24 carat - 999.9 fine gold
• Accepted as global currency
• Best guaranteed buy back price on the European market
• 1/2 gram, 1, 2.5 and 5 gram gold bars
(Kinebars) -Embeded HOLLOGRAM - proof of quality
SERIAL NUMBERS on each bar

In a fluctuating market you will purchase more shares by dollar cost averaging than trying to time the market. The same thing will hold true when acquiring KB Gold. In these uncertain times, you are more likely to acquire more gold over the long run by going on a systematic monthly purchase plan. - Just Set It and Forget It.
Bullion You Can Keep in Your Wallet

Have you ever thought that someday we might resort to spending gold like we spend dollars now? But how do you spend an ounce of gold. The answer is that for small purchases you can't. Enter the KB Edelmetall 1 gram and .5 gram ingot mounted in a sturdy plastic card. That's spendable gold!

If the dollar were to falter, your KB 1g and .5g cards will be the only spendable thing in your wallet. KB is working with merchants worldwide to make KB gold acceptable for purchases. If these merchants realize what they are dealing with they will prefer KB gold.

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