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Posted at 12:35 PM on Thu 4 August 2011
Hello Mastermind Member,

Great to have you with me here.
I would like to start a discussion line here, about what the first step should be, according to me, on our subject of lead generation.

When I talk about lead generation, I want to emphasize that I am aiming more on the word FREE. I think that lead generation should be something that you can do for free, as anything else just isn't duplicatable.

Automatically you get pointed in a certain direction then, don't you? You get directed toward social media sites.

Well, I guess as we are on a social media site already over here, you can apply what you learn straight away. ;-)

So, which first step should you take in order to generate leads?
(Ooh how I would love to just leave this open and see what reactions come from this. I won't do it though. Not enough members yet.)
Would you agree that a really good first step to take would be to make contact with people?

You see, just having a website isn't enough. Nobody will find you unless you guide people to it. So rather than wait for people to magically find you, go out and find them.

I think there is a very important rule attached to making contact. "Be polite and civil". Stick to a few simple rules of conduct, as you would do in the normal world out there as well.

As you wouldn't just walk up to somebody and vomit a sales pitch about your product or opportunity out on them, you shouldn't do that on social sites either.
Rather, introduce yourself. Mention things you think you have in common (after reading the other persons profile). Socialize.

Maybe, if you have some generic group or something, you might invite them to come have a look at it, but what ever you do, don't send them a sales pitch.

Right, so that's what would be my first step.
Of course I would like your ideas and comments on this. In which parts would you agree with me, in which don't you agree?

Let's make this something everybody can learn from.

Good luck and lots of success to everyone.

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Posted at 4:14 AM on Tue 9 August 2011
Yep I think your on the right track with social sites. I think people get fed up with members just constantly advertising products and or services, business opportunities etc. Get to know people first. Remember "SOCIAL site" so be social first make friendships, friends won't mind if you want to share a good opportunity with them once you have gained their trust and proven your someone worth listening to.

I also use FREE classified sites. But you have to post adverts often and consistently. Also be careful that you check the rules and regulations of the site first, many are quite negative about MLM adverts.
Posted at 1:10 PM on Tue 9 August 2011
Hi John, Thanks for your comment. I think you hit an important point there, saying that you have to post adverts often and consistently. The same is true for making contact with people. You can not expect one advert to suddenly generate tons of traffic for you, neither can you expect to connect with just a few people and suddenly have your business explode.

It is extremely important that with which ever lead generation technique you use, you stay consistent and keep at it.
Posted at 2:16 PM on Fri 12 August 2011
It takes sooo long to get a business off the ground from scratch on the internet. But at least if you approach your members in the beginning with respect and friendship and save your offer until you are ask what you do, You are so much more likely to build a solid foundation that will last.
Posted at 10:18 AM on Sat 13 August 2011
Hi Brent, that's some valuable advise. Thanks for that. Building a foundation of people that will stay, is the so important indeed. It's all about retention. Sponsor/ mentor, not recruit, recruit.

And to build a solid foundation a good way to get people on your side, would be to help them with free generic tools, and training, so they can build their primary opportunity better.

There's some more info in that in the second little article in this discussion list.
Posted at 2:17 PM on Sat 20 August 2011
@Brent, yes you are right it is the only way to build a solid lasting business. I call it Relationship Marketing.
Posted at 2:32 PM on Sat 20 August 2011
@Rutger, On social site, in your email, on you own site.
Always be social. Always be honest and polite.
Make a friend, do not try to sell. If your friend is
interested in what you do they will ask.
Then, if they get involved you have a lasting
business partnership.
For lead generation, always offer a beneficial
valuable Free something. Not a rehashed ebook
or rehashed info that everyone offers.
I recommend free beneficial tools and training.
Posted at 3:08 AM on Mon 22 August 2011
Hi Ken, you're so right.
It used to be a good way to get new leads, to offer people a free e-book. But who has time now-a-days to read a 100 page ebook and learn something from it?

Free tools and training get people connected and actively working on their future.

You ca find more info on it in the discussion; "Free Offer" here on the discussion board,
Posted at 11:25 PM on Sat 3 September 2011
This is starting to come together Rutger.
I hope more people join in the discussions.
This is a great forum you have here.
Posted at 9:11 AM on Sun 4 September 2011
Thank you so much for your support Ken. I do indeed hope more people will join.
I think there is some great info here to be gotten and if people have great info to share, they can build their name with it.

Keep adding more comment Ken. Your posts are of great value.
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