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Posted at 1:32 PM on Tue 9 August 2011
In the last post I discussed that in order to generate leads, you need to make contact with people first.

Making contact is real simple, but having it mean something, leaving a lasting impression with the person you make contact with, is something else.

One of the best ways to leave that great impression is to lead with a free offer.
Traditionally this used to be a free ebook or free review. If you subscribed to somebody's page, you would receive a 100 somewhat page book, to have to work through. Needless to say really, that most people never read these books

On the internet there are lots of valuable tools that a network marketer could share with their new contact, that might help this person. I myself have used several different ones
(As this is a generic group I don't want to mention them here.) and I will always try to have a great free offer for my new contacts.

What you shouldn't do once you have a great gift for your contact is go back to the old spamming techniques and just send it to them.
But once you have connected with your new friend, ask if it would be alright if you shared some information with her or him, information that might be a value to them. It you get a positive answer, then you can send it.

Ok, as before, I would really appreciate everybody's input, ideas, comments on what I've just written there. So feel free to add more stuff, but as always, keep it generic.

Good luck! :-)
Posted at 12:20 AM on Mon 15 August 2011
Great idea and something along the lines that I have been looking to say on another social site that I am on.
Posted at 3:25 AM on Mon 15 August 2011
Hi Walter, I'm happy to hear that you're on the same line of thinking as I am. There is one more thing I'd like to mention about free gifts.

There are lots of tools, video series and e-books out there, for people to send. Most big guru's have their own training material they sell. Their free offer is usually not much more than a trailer for their real course.
E-books are often too long and now-a-days hardly anyone reads them. So your best free offer is a tool people can use to build their business with.
When you go looking for a tool, make sure this is an offer that will stay for free. Most web tools will have something like a 30 day free trail, but after that you need to pay.

Don't get tricked out there. There are tools that have a lasting free offer (although most of them also have paid upgrades.)

So, check things out carefully before you join something, that later on turns out to be hard to maintain.

Posted at 7:52 PM on Mon 15 August 2011
Rutger my friend. You found my hot button.
Relationship marketing is the best way to build
long term friendships witch equates to business
partners as well. They are friends not just dollars.

Yes the free offer needs to be of benefit to the
friend. Good value and Great Benefit.
There are some great tools available online
that I also use. Having a beneficial, valuable
offer will help them remember you, so will
the opposite, rehashed redundant material
will not cut it today.
They will remember that too.
Thank you for the forum my friend.
Posted at 3:29 AM on Wed 17 August 2011
Hi Ken, You're so right. If you lead with a valuable free offer, people will remember you and look for help in your direction. It brands you as a mentor.

Actually, that's something I would like to write something about in a new discussion. Branding yourself, rather than your company.

Thanks for your input Ken.
Posted at 10:02 AM on Thu 18 August 2011
Branding yourself is a great topic. Very important.
I look forward to your post Rutger.
Posted at 10:22 AM on Thu 18 August 2011
Hi Ken, It's on the discussion board.
Or click on this link:

Posted at 7:09 PM on Wed 14 September 2011
So Ken, where can I find an example of what you offer? I've been toying around with this subject of offering something for free, but haven't quite figured out what it should be. But I'm guessing it's something I should create, right?
Posted at 11:57 AM on Thu 15 September 2011
Hi Wendy,
Creating something yourself, that is of high value to others is not easy and will take you a long time.

Easiest is to find a great affiliate program that will help others.

Ken and I both use one that is helping us along great. You can find the info on it on the discussion "Free Internet Marketing Tools" Here's the link to it:

Good luck.
Posted at 9:43 AM on Fri 16 September 2011
@Wendy, you should create your own product for sure.
However, a great free giveaway, with benefits and value
would be as Rutger says here BWB.
This program works well.
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